German M4 Naval Enigma Machine

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  1. julescrafter

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    The model comes with 2 version, FREE VERSION and FULL VERSION. On Free Version there are 8 credit titles on multiple locations on the model and available with one size only. Full Version comes without any credit titles and with 2 sizes, 100% and 200% . FULL VERSION is without password to open the file.

    To obtain FULL VERSION FILE and to support more historical models please donate $2 USD via PAYPAL


    Jules -
  2. gwssms

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    Very nice design Jules, thank you!
  3. Nemesis7485

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    Whoa! Excellent model. You read my mind. I was actually thinking of commissioning someone to design this for me. Great work, Jules. :thumb:
  4. mauther

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    Great model. Thanks, Jules!
  5. THE DC

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    What a great model...and a clever subject!

    My compliments and thanks!

    The DC
  6. cgutzmer

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    Love it!
  7. ltla9000311

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    Thanks Jules! I've made my donation and gotten the full version. I also downloaded the "black box" flight data recorder, truly very unique pieces I will be proud to display in my home. Thanks again Jules:thumb:
  8. Art Decko

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    Another great choice of subjects, and looks to be very well executed. Terrific! :thumb:


    Spend the two bucks !
    I've wanted one of these for years, thanks.
  10. julescrafter

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    I'm glad I have bring the right model :) thanks guys for the compliments and off course the donations :) - Historical Models is fun :thumb:

    for you guys that haven't received the full version model after make a donation please contact me.


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