Georgia Pacific Tank Cars ??

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Tad, Jan 13, 2005.

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    Georgia Pacific owns a fleet of 500 tank cars with reporting marks GPBX, GPSX, GPMX, GPPX, GAPX. I have a Georgia Pacific chemical plant on my layout and a bunch of old tank cars. I would like to repaint a few of them to become GP cars. So far I have been unable to locate any pictures of any GP tankers.

    Does anyone have any they could post or could anyone point me in the proper direction to find some?
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    Well, I went back and Googled all the reporting marks again. I found a new photo.

    The GAPX reporting mark now belongs to Georgia Gulf Corporation. Georgia Gulf was spun off of Georgia Pacific as an independent company in 1985.

    If you look at the picture of the car you can see that this car was new in 2-81. In my 1983 ORER it belonged to Georgia Pacific Plaquemine Division. My 1989 ORER shows it as belonging to Georgia Gulf Plaquemine Division in Caustic Soda Service.

    If I can't turn up anything else I may just go with this scheme for the ones I plan on painting.

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