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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by lionel2032, Mar 10, 2007.

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    I am just getting into HO from O scale and plan to purchase a couple of Genesis F units. I have some questions about them. How reliable are the couplers that come on them. Should I plan to change them to KDs and if so, which KDs work the best and are the easiest to mount. Also, how dependable is the headlight that come in the units. I have read someplace it is best to change them to LEDs. Thanks
  2. Hmm...well I don't have any of the genesis F's, but I do have two Athearn F7s. The couplers are relatively strong, and hold a lot of weight. I personally am having trouble keeping the engines coupled to the IHC cars I'm pulling, but that's because the knuckle spring on the McHenry on the first car is sprung...

    The Athearn couplers use a small strip of plastic for the spring, so you never have to worry about it being sprung or, worse, bouncing out completely. However, that *could* make them weaker than say Kadee's.
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    Athearn uses Bachmann couplers. The plastic knuckle spring will lose tension after a while. I would reccomend that you start replacing your couplers with Kadees. You don't have to do evrything at once, but I would get a set of Kadees with every locomotive purchase to install before you put the loco in service, then replace any failed couplers on rolling stock with the Kadees as they fail.
  4. Ok. Like I said, it could make them weaker (and apparently it does) so...

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