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    does anyone know were (and if) i can find generic lazercut/photoetch ship components in 1/250-1/200 im looking for....
    ships wheels
    pump wheels
    in fact mainly just varios wheels of different sizes for pumps,valves, doors etc i have a few kits that have thses parts represented as a simple printed disk i would like to see if theres an alternative

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  2. Tim Crowe

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    Try these people:

    They have a huge selection of parts for ships. You can download a catalogue from them.

    If no joy contact me direct and I will send you a copy​
  3. Bernhard

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    For helmsman's wheels and cable reels see laser-cut parts - Catalog Page 50
    at Paper Models International

    Similar photoetched parts by HMV are available from Moduni
    Standardätzsatz Kleinteile 1:250 - HMV Hamburger Modellbaubogen
    Beware S&H is very expensive, delivery is slow, and this particular sheet seems to be out of stock right now.

    If you know someone in Germany (or other parts of Euroland) who loves or owes you, there is a third and better option. Let this someone buy photoetch parts for you from Saemann
    In contrast to the HMV sheet from Moduni which comes with a lot of crap you don't want, here you just order what you need: e.g. just handwheels (Handräder), just cable reels (Schlauchtrommel), ... You can pick between 1:250 and 1:200 scale, chose different numbers of spokes, or go by diameter in millimeter.
    Unfortunately, Saemann does not accept credit card payment, only bank to bank transfer, which is the traditional business practice and cheap within Germany but makes it ridiculously expensive for customers from the U.S.

    Hope this helped


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    spot on!:thumb: thanks for the link its a keeper

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