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  1. There is probably no blanket answer for this but, in general, are Maly kits any good? I've heard good and bad things about them. They have some interesting subjects but i'm leary for fear accuracy, fit and quality of print will be lacking and the kit will not make up to a good model. I would also like to enlarge them somewhat (by 50%-100%) and am wondering if the print quality would allow for this. And why are they in general so much cheaper than other kits (it's in part this lower price that makes me think they are no good).

    This question applies to armour kits as well as aircraft. Some general thoughts and impressions would be appreciated.

    thanks! :smile:
  2. Texman

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    Like any of the other publishers, they have good designers and bad designers, and the
    older kits lack in both print and paper quality. I have found the newer Maly kits
    to be pretty good.

  3. Bowdenja

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    Ditto Texman!
  4. milhistory

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    I have built the Maly Apache (2003 kit) and am very pleased with it. The fit was perfect and the model was detailed (complete cockpit), but not super detailed. The coloring was also nice but I was confused by the seemingly random changes in green along the fuselage. As for enlarging the model, I do not think it would stand for a great increase in size. Although it would certainly look impressive 100% bigger, I do not think it would meet your standards.

    Brad Arnold
  5. charliec

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    The recent Maly AFV kits have been quite good although there are very few of them. I guess I'd put the cut point at the Maly Tiger kit (1998?) - after this they are pretty good without being outstanding. The Maly Tiger model was designed by Marian Sobel - same designer as the Halinski Tiger. The earlier kits had problems with poor print quality, awful cardstock.

    I haven't seen the latest Maly T-34-85 (2005 1/2) but the earlier Cromwell kit is quite impressive. There's a "First Impressions" review in these forums of the Cromwell.

    Personally I think if you wanted to increase the model size then the Halinski kits would be my choice. You can pick up the older Halinski AFV kits on eBay
    reasonably cheaply if you're patient.

    Have you thought about the 1/16 series from GPM? I've only seen the Panzer IVD - quite impressive.

    I guess someone from Poland may be be able to help on the pricing. I believe Maly was a state-owned organisation during the Communist regime so the prices back then would not necessarily reflect the usual cost of production plus profit. Why the prices should still be lower than other publishers now doesn't make a lot of sense to me.


  6. Thanks for the great info. I didn't even know that GPM had a 1/16 line. Is there a list of what they offer anywhere?
  7. charliec

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    Try for the currently available models. In 1/16 they seem to have:
    PzKpfw IIIG
    SdKfz 250 Grief
    Challenger 2

    For models which they have done in the past and may still be available from other retailers try - it's in Polish but it isn't too hard to navigate around. The link "Wydawnictwa" takes you to the publishers list.


  8. Jim Nunn

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    Marian Sobel also designed the Maly 7/8 1994 Crusader III, frankly I doubt if you could find any model by Mr. Sobel that could be considered less then very good.

    In general the newer Maly kits are in line with the Modelik kits generally well done but occasionally they have some fit problems nothing that can’t be fixed.

    Jim Nunn
  9. rowiac

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    As an example of how far the Maly kits have come, the 1-2/2003 P-51B Mustang is at least as good as the latest GPM models, in my opinion. It appears to be digitally designed and has weathering, wheel wells and a full cockpit. I think it could easily stand up to enlarging. I haven't built it yet, however, so I can't say how the part fit is, but I've been able to make decent models out of earlier Maly aircraft kits such as the B-25 and F/A-18. The big difference with newer Maly models is that they seem to have lost their "cartoonyness" -- no more heavy black panel lines and black dots for rivets.

  10. rickstef

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    I have both releases of the MM Apache, the 2003 version is very crisp, clean lines, whereas the older one the color bleeds over the cut lines, looks hand drawn, i am more inclined to build the newer apache over the older one

  11. Swinger

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    Please take a look at this topic, you'll find some useful information and photos there:
    I wrote there about the prices, too.

    If you've got any specific model on your mind, please let me know about it, and I'll give you some advice. I've got a lot of MMs, and even more have I seen.

    What I'd like to add to my post in that P-51 topic, is that some of these newer, computer designed MMs have some printing flaws. For example many 2003 Apaches had some white spots on the black surfaces and some black "dirt" on the olive drab (it was rather hard to find a shop with properly printed models). And most of PZL-37s, for instance, had varying tones of olive colour on various sheets of the model...
  12. rowiac

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    I've even had trouble with printing errors on some of the "high-end" models--the Halinski P-39, for example. The color registration on one or two of the sheets was off a little bit. I'd expect this on an old MM or Fly Model kit, but was disappointed to see it on a Halinski. I should be able to fix it by scanning and touching up in Photoshop, though.

    One of the disadvantages with mail order is that you can't select the best one out of the store's stock. Here in the US, however, mail order is pretty much the only way to get printed models.


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