Gene Roddernberry's Andromeda Ascendant. New Project(WIP)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Starship Builder, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. grifco2000

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    Three foot???!!??jawdrop I'm still in shock over the 3 foot Galactica. THE thought of an andromeda the same size has me drooling on my keyboard (hang on need a tissue!) bounce7 Most excellent I wish you luck and will be following this thread closely!!:thumb::lol: Brian
  2. well now itll have a companian at the moment im huntig for orto to start desining it
  3. sdk2knbk

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    Heres the version of the Andromeda I was working on last year. I lost my licensing for Pepakura 1, so can't develope it any further, but thought someone here might like to take a shot at it. I can't remember where I found the original 3d file, but the readme says "This model can not be used to make money in anyway or forum this model may be used in MOD's and TC's this model my be edited in anyway or form as long as full credit is given to DarkB5 thank you".

    Agghh! I was going to upload the pdo, but it's too big for the upload limit. I tried to zip it, but 72kb is still too big! Well, if you want the pdo, I guess you'll have to pm me for it.

    Scott K.

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  4. ill send you a pm
  5. grifco2000

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    Hi, how is this project going?? Any progress or has this become a not happening thing??????
  6. ohh it will be done ive decide that i am going to build my own mesh to unfold for i have a bir more practice now with meta at the moment though i need some orthos of it prefrebly hi-res but i cant find any anywere if anyone has some refrenc to it pleas do post it or send me a PM
  7. whulsey

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    Is this project still going along or has it been put on indefinite hold?
  8. whulsey

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    Was just checking back in to see if it had slipped past the event horizon.
  9. MTK

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    I'm sure I have a mesh if you need it and it comes straight from the source.:thumb:
  10. Kjev

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    This will be awesome, especially since I never really got to see the series, and when I did, reception was so bad I really couldn't tell what I was looking at. I could have skipped shots of Kevin Sorbo and rather seem some good shots of the slipfighters.
  11. MTK

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    I hear ya. I'll have to do a search for it. I know I've got it, but finding it is another story. I remember it's a very complex model.
  12. vaderman1701

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    ANother one of Gene Roddenberry's creations. Too bad it only lasted a few seasons.


    I had read somewhere that this was supposed to be the closing story arc started by TOS and then TNG, then this would have been the last series.
  14. MTK

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    I thought it was from the ressurected script that never saw the light of day except as a comic book called Xander which I think came out through Dark Horse in the 90's. I bought everyone of those comics until they quit publishing them.

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