Gene Roddernberry's Andromeda Ascendant. New Project(WIP)

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  1. Hello guys, now my new project im starting is the Andromeda from the tv series hopefully acomponied with other commonwealth ships eventually. I hope this one to be about 3 foot long making it aroung 1 1/2 foot high and also create a simple in sale Ureka Maru to go with it as well as slip fighters. and like I said later i hope for more commonwealth ships. ofcourse this model will be for everyone and 100% free. Now the problem im quite new to meta and I just cant seem to simplify the dam mesh no matter what I try it seems to not work so anyone that can help its appreciated. and ill just use this thread to post the progress. Also CJTK1701 is still helping with starbase textures and has some updates for me soon so i can show you guys the fantastic work on it that hes done. Any help with meta appreciated.
  2. Paragon

    Paragon Active Member

    Hehe, I've been waiting for someone to try this model. Its going to be interesting to watch your progress to say the least, the Andromeda is not a simple ship to design in paper.
  3. yeah thats the thing the mesh is complicated i cut it in half and looked inside and it has intersection inside wich i need to remove then remove all the hull details and copy them seperate from the model to unfold seperate to simplify the unfolded model beut there are lots of parts to remove which i can do its just time consuming but i really need help to remove intersection. its mainly around the shuttle bays
  4. Jones Brandon

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    Hey man i think you should use sketchup its free and easy to used trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. thats what i used before but meta seemed to have a larger range of "equipment" to use i mean i know the basic primitive manipulation and basic teaxturing but sketchup for the models i want to create i cant create the shapes i need but meta can i could probably construct and andromed mesh but its the textures that will get me wich is why i want to use the mesh but fix it for pep and easiest unfolding possible and its only really the intersection that i cant remove. that why i need help

    SEBRET Member

    I use sketchup, but it's a pain when it comes to getting sketchup into pep, because it screws up textures, and it always wants to split single plane surfaces into multiple pieces.
  7. Jones Brandon

    Jones Brandon Member

    well it's easy for me you can design anything and sketchup. and if you need more tools to work with just go to help in sketchup and download the tools. most people don't know that sketchup has more tools for you you just have to look. but the other program i have problems with all the time. but i hope you find some help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes some time the texture can be a pain but i found a way to fix the problem for me. hope you get the help you need.:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
  8. Lex

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    Sebret, I believe our 3D models are all 3- or 4- cornered polygons joined together (unless we're working with Rhino or else... in which case it's different), multiple polygons give rise to a surface, and this is how the computer recognizes them. Sketchup may have a function to display multiple polygons into what you might "see" as a surface, but pep doesn't do that, it shows you the discrete polygons that you are supposed to be working with... Maybe that's the problem you are having, as long as you don't see thick red lines in pep then you're still good.

    SEBRET Member

    Hey Lex, thats what I meant. It keeps spiting up single polygons, so i get thick black lines. they are very random breaks that have no reason to be there.
  10. Nothing

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    you could try joining the vertices where there is a seperate edge.
  11. SEBRET

    SEBRET Member

    here is a visual aid to my issue, and i leave hidden geometry on in order to see all polygons when i work.

  12. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    see if you can join the corner verts together.
    that should "weld" the the 2 edges and make it 1 in pep.
  13. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    also try this in pep
  14. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    sebret if this doesnt help lets start a new thread . there are other who know more about sketchup but may not see your problem here. plus we just totally hijacked this thread.

    starship builder i appoligize and would like to help you any way i can. just let me know what you need.:)
  15. SEBRET

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    Ya sorry about that guys. lets get back to the original thread. thanks for the help.
  16. Jones Brandon

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    im sorry for that too. but i was only giving what i know about sketchup! so im sorry for that. someone will help you man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. grifco2000

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    OOh , yes please. This will be a huge job but a very welcome one!!:thumb:
  18. thank grifco and noting i sent you a reply
  19. MOS95B

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    I hope this works out. If my skill level will allow me to make it, I love making models and seeing if the geeks I work with (I'm a computer technician) can identify it.
  20. well i plan to make a 3 foot version and a 1.5 fott version the 3 foot will have an internal superstructure for support and they will both come with a display stand nothing has suggested that it would be easier to build from scratch because the mesh i have would require a lot of work so im going to see how scratch building one goes. but ill release it in sections line the main body etc and the good thing is at 3 foot it will allow for all the details such as the slypstream devices attatched to the hull. all the hull grebles oh and andromedas 300+ missisle launchers :) just kidding id go crazy adding 300 of them and people would go crazy building them theres also though the maru mk1 and 2 slipfighters drones and other 3 foot commonwealth ships and the gold andromeda ship the paxm

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