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  1. Edge gluing is only adviseable if the joint is not under stress as in a tube. To do so you use a strip of paper to act as a tab under neath. Glue it very lightly to the back of one piece. Then when dry apply glue to the ege of the other piece being careful not to apply too much. Apply a very thin coat of glue to the other half of the tab and press the seam together carefully smoothing it out along the seam and tab. Clamp if possible. After it dries peel off the temporary tab. This way the edges stay flat and don't warp out of shape. Personally I find it way to time consuming. I prefer just leaving the glue tab in place and working around it. But that is how I do it. Maybe some others have a better way.
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    Tim, you've built parts of this model, so you'll know exactly to what I refer. The ring that forms the very top of the antenna fairing structure is part of what is giving me fits. :confused: It's made up of three strips edge-glued to the edge of an annulus shaped ring. Also, the flat bottom of the fairing structure with its semi-beveled flange. I have absolutely NO clue how to keep that from warping the flat bottom of the structure. wall1

    I finally cut out the beveled edge/flange strips with tabs on them, so that I'd have something to glue, but I installed one of them upside down and it warped the whole thing. It wasn't pretty. :curse: So now, I'm waiting on more paper... :p
  3. Nice job on the seat. That headrest is a challenge isn't it. I built about a dozen of them and each one seemed as difficult as the first. But the results are great. I found it a waste to build the second seat. You can't even see it unless you reverse the printing and build the other door. I have one left of that configuration. Dhanner built his splashdown version that way. Then at least you can see your hard work. Looks great too. I know when Dan designed it, it was for the first spacewalk hence only one door was open.

    I love Dan's designs. I just wish he would finish his Apollo series. Hey Dan!! if you are checking in, how bout giving us all an update??
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    Thanks Scott, I guess the ball's in my court now. Okay guys, keep your skivvies on - I'll get it as fast as I can.

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    Wow, gorgeous shots. Almost feel I can jump right inside!
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    Man, I am about six kinds of jealous of you guys who can design parts like that...

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL model, and superb workmanship!
  8. Thanks Mike, I appreicate it. I promise your efforts will not go to waste. I will built it as soon as it is ready.

  9. I must admit I did not use Scott's design for the top of the housing (if that is waht you are referring to). Instead I opted to scratchbuild my own by making a mold and vacuum forming it. Then I had a lip to glue the outer band to. The only other part I can think of is the top ring which has a slight bevel requiring edge gluing. It is assembled upside down. If this is what you are talking about you have to lay the top flange upside down on a flat surface and I used quarters (24mm coins) to hold it in place all the way around insuring that the larger diameter was facing up. precurling the paper helps too.

    Does that help?
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    I'll try to put together a quick instructional video tomorrow. I am taking the day off work for medical reasons so I should be able to do this. Hopefully my site will be back up and I will post it. I think a 1 minute video will solve all your problems.


    Respond back over at the other thread...It loks like we're on the Gemini one...

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