Geli and Möwe, Fouga Magister

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    - Fouga Magister in Belgian livery
    - scale 1/33.3
    - Austrian pulisher Geli, nr. 14
    - e.g. available at Moduni (->

    The kit consits of a title page, one sheet of instructions in German language, and three part sheets, one of them with the formers on thicker cardboard. The model is a typical Geli kit, i.e. printed with metallic colours. Print quality is mediocre (well, some would call it desasterous). Detailing is simple. It is said, that the fit of Geli models in general is not bad.

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    - Fouga Magister in German markings
    - scale 1/50
    - Möwe Verlag Wilhelmshaven, nr. 1630 (printed) and 11630 (on CD rom)
    - e.g. available at Moduni (-> for the printed version, -> for the CD rom)

    I have the CD rom which consists of scans of the printed kit. The CD contains three pages of instructions in German language, one page with instruction drawings, and two part pages. Detailing is simple (no wheel wells, no cockpit interior). No specific markings, only crosses. The fuselage crosses are misplaced (they were positioned under the cockpit). The fit of the older Möwe models ist typically good to excelent.


    (Don't try to build from the attached pictures, I've done nasty things to them!)

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