Geez, What a Mess!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Fluesheet, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Fluesheet

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    Hello, my name is cidchase and I am a messoholic... :D
  2. MadModeler

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    That's scary!

    It took almost two years but I'm happy to say, The new hobby room is finally functional. Still needs work but I've just repaired my first HO model in that room. A boat trailer.

    There will be many more to come.
  3. Fluesheet

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    Evolution of a mess...

    So, how does my workbench change over time? No better or worse of a mess really, just different.

    Notice that the AMB caboose project is still there, notable changes are:
    - Dremel from the recent thread
    - Chalks (and the reefer and covered hopper guinea pigs) from my first chalk weathering attempt
    - Painting tools for the caboose are back out, as well as the TCS FL4 decoder that I'm thinking about installing to control interior lights.
    - Accurail Outside Braced Boxcar that I have out for some reason or another - I think to get a coupler height tweak.

    No milk and cookies this time...


    <Edit - Forgot the picture!>

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  4. Drew1125

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    Amen to that Mark! sign1

    I would add that if you can list an inventory of what's on your bench, or see the actual surface of the workbench itself, you're WAAAYYY more oganized than me! :eek: :curse: wall1 :mrgreen:

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