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    Just noticed this on the web. I don't know if it's been posted before or not so, here goes:

    If this is an inappropriate post, someone please tell me before lobbing off my fingers with your Fiskar's!
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    Thanks, guys. I've been so wrapped up in my model making I haven't had much of a chance to look anywhere else on the forum. When I thought I "found" something I just got all excited:-D Thanks for the great-looking plane. I'm in the process of downloading one of the ships from GreMir right now, and it feels like I got a twofer!:p
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    GeeBee R-1 Racer Models Inspiration

    Hi jasco,

    The Granville Brothers´ 'GeeBee' racer airplanes are wonderful modelling subjects - here is a recent replica (made in 1990) of the GeeBee R-1 world speed record plane from 1932, in the New England Air Museum, in Connecticut, in the US:
    And more specifically on the original Granville R-1 and the Museum´s replica:

    And here´s a page with an historical background and info on the Granville Bros. and their amazing, WASP-driven racing machines:

    Rafal Ciesielski´s wonderful R-1 card model appear here and there in various card modelling forums and it its an eye-catcher every time.

    Bengt :D

    (Edited in): There is a wonderful, downloadable pdf "Modell-Porträt" (Model Portait) of Ciesielski´s GeeBee R-1 model, with 26 pages of 200 detailed building instruction colour pics, step-by-step, by Hans-Peter Wanta at our sister forum Kartonmodell-Forum in Germany - check it out!

    Here is a link to another (Japanese) card model (somewhat simplified) of a similar modelling subject, the GeeBee R-2:

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    Er... anyone else noticed this...
    Fiddlers' Green gave away the R1 Gee Bee some while ago (I built it and it's a great model) but I can't find it anywhere on their site now. I have a copy of the file if anyone wants it - just email me at . I don't think it's wrong to pass it on as it was free in the first place (tight git that I am, I've never bought a card model yet!)

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    Thanks. There's more related Granville stuff there that I didn't get last time. Must build the pylon etc to add to my collection.


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