GE 44-tonner

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Justin, Apr 19, 2007.

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    If it's under warranty send it back. I have one of the newer single motor 44's This runs pretty darn good on DC. I still have to order a DCC N scale decoder for it. Non of the problems with the two motored version. And you can connect the motors together. I think there was an article in MR or RMC a couple years back. You might try MR's article archive.
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    I have two of the two-motor 44-tonners, and they run fine. They're not meant to pull many cars nor go fast, and they do both very well. They're a bit noisy, but nothing like the coffee grinder that disguised itself as a Spectrum GP30.

    However, as in all things, YMMV.;-)
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    The real CN's were running on am 25KM line in Montreal, now they are replaced with Bombardier EMU's with new catenary the old one was 3000V DC and now the new ones run on 25,000V AC.

    The one that I will make will have catenary but it will be probally just for scenery as I am planning in wiring for DDC probally, but if it was an like in the good old days it would be simpler as you just connect the catenary on pos or negative.

    I havn't gotten there yet as I got the loco, and now will prepare to change the color to it.. I will post pictures when I actually start the project as I have to kitbash the GE 44 tonner, (A bachmann spectrum) in Western Maryland Colors to CN's 1961 black-white-red livery. only three of these existed 6725, 6726, and 6727. Before 1961 when they where bought from GE in 1950 they were numbered 200, 201 and 202 in the old Canadian national colors. They ran till 1995. whyen they switched from DC to AC.


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