GDI_MLRS Korean model Review

Discussion in 'Kit Reviews' started by GyverX, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. GyverX

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    Model in question: GDI_MLRS
    Model Location :
    Paper: Wausau Bright White 65 lb. No.90901
    Printer. HP 1350-
    Quality: Best

    The concept is awesome. I think it is a really neat looking Vehecle, but the plan design leaves something to be desired. There was one part I was unable to use because it the shear size if it. (Part letter I). So, I improvised like any good modeler. I had to use a considerable amount of paint for just a little sized model like this one. This model is a single sheet with big problems. I will how ever, give it its good points. Parts were easy to cut out and construction was really basic. The hardest part of the model would be the side hover parts. (A&B 1-4) These parts must be straight in order for the rest of it to turn out correctly. I would suggest gluing one section at a time with something on top of it to keep it flat. Like I said, I really liked the concept. So much in fact that I have started to jot down some ideas and draw out some inspired thoughts onto paper. Hopefully something will come of this and I can release some new sci-fi models.
    Out of 5 stars- I give it a 3 but only because it looks really cool on my desk.
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    For those haven't played the game, it is from a Real Time Strategy game called Command & Conquer.

    GDI were the good guys in the game, where the NOD were the baddies.

    very good build guyver.

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    Hello GyverX

    This is a very interesting report.
    It does look very cool. 8)
    You did a nice job to have it turn out so nicely.

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    Why I cant connect to this website?
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    This post is almost 6 years is probably long gone...
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