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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by maddin, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. maddin

    maddin New Member

    hi there....i'm marty...originally from ingelheim/germany but living in herne hill/australia with my wife and 2 sons since 2002.
    I just started paper modelling a couple of months ago because collecting 1:18 diecast can be pretty expensive at times :cry:
    I'm into motorsport/car racing big time...especially pre war and umm...everything post war until today:???: (60's and 70's if i had to choose)
    ...as long as it has 4 wheels (3 for sidecars) and makes "wroom wroom* (*brumm brumm* for the germans)
    other interests are pc-gaming (guess what....yep..racing games:grin: GTL at the moment) collecting motorsport memorabilia,books,dvd's and all kinds of gems
    i also work as a pitlane or spectator marshall when i find the time to do that...during the week i work as a tattooist in geelong/vic
    like many others i found this forum on the kartonbau.de link list.
    well....thats about it...cheers marty:)

    PS:...did i mention that i like citroen?
  2. Gil

    Gil Active Member

    Welcome Aboard..,

    Welcome aboard from downunder Marty. Course it could be upover depending on your personal perspective. Think you'll find this lot an agreeable bunch with a few going over the edge every so often to make it interesting.

    Best regards,

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