GAZ 69 in 1:35 (Ugly Duckling)

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by Fishcarver, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Here goes a GAZ 69 field car in 1:35!

    Pretty brutal at this stage.......


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  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I sense another work of art! :)
  3. KCStephens

    KCStephens Member

    You're off to a great start here, Jim. But I don't think you'll be able to keep it up much longer on your own... I think it's time you call up your group of miniature comrades for a little assistance. That is, only if they are not too busy taking part in some sort of top secret recon mission driving around the beautiful Canadian countryside looking for Bigfoot in the BRDM2.

  4. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Thanks for the support!!

    The TP Boyz will probably show up eventually. Fear not!! Last I heard, Sergey was off hunting mammoth ivory in Siberia.... (Ha Ha!)

    This is a MalyModelarz 1:25 scale original kit, circa 1984 ,courtesy of a friend that found it, some ModelKopia kits and an airplane or so, in Brussels at a used bookstore a couple (no, 5 or 6) years ago.

    My pal brought them back and said: "JR, I bet that you cannot build one of these...''

    Well, I did. Then, I went online, and found this forum....

    The model has been scanned and reduced to 1:35 scale. I prefer to model in 1:35 because I like to have figures in and around the model.

    In rescaling this 1:25 kit to 1:35, I had to make some compromises, mostly to reduce the level of detail .

    AND YES: IT IS PRETTY D***N UGLY ............

    I hope it still works.
    Time will Tell

  5. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    A coat of paint sort of cleans up the underframe. The wheels (turned out of birch dowels) are only dry-fitted at this stage.

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  6. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I woulda built it in 1/25 and saved some sanity. =x
  7. lriera

    lriera Member

    Great job on the GAZ, Fishcarver. Please keep showing your progresses.
  8. KCStephens

    KCStephens Member

    She's comming along nicely. I like the wheels, did you turn them yourself or did you find them somewhere all ready to go..?
  9. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Still Ugly as sin....

    Kev: I turned the wheels outta birch dowels, using my my faithful DREMEL tool.
    You do not even need a lathe. I'll post a tutorial if you guys want. otherwise, PM me and I'll send you my instructions.

    Mike: I have finished with your 1:25 drawings of the RollsRoyce AC and you can expect them end of next week

    SteveO: I am a masochist. Every military modelling project (AIRCRAFT EXCEPTED) I have done in the last 25 years has been in 54mm/1/32/1:35 scale including painting tartan on Highlanders in that scale..........I'd rather downscale vehicle models to incorporate humans than to simply build vehicles without a human story behind them.

    "but that's just me
    and that makes's me
    an idiot, I suppose.
    -Stan Rogers

    More to follow!
  10. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Bits and Pieces

    At 1:35 this model is pretty much a scratchbuild as I refuse to deal with "microparts". Anybody that wants to crawl around under /over etc this model and count rivets is welcome to do so. They will have to be in 1:35 scale and get pst the katz around here.

    So far: the chassis assembly, 5 wheels/tires turned out of wood, body side panels laminated out of card and the upper body tub.

    Nothing is glued together yet....

    Also, a whole pile of detail parts............

    On we go!


    PS: Anybody got a pack or 2 of DRAGON :(Modern) SOVIET TANK CREW 1:35 Figs for sale?

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  11. josve

    josve Active Member

    Nice Jim!
    I agree with you on the figures issue.I also like to have some "life" around the models.
    You know there are soldiers and other figures in 1:25 :)
  12. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Moving right along here

    I have picked up on the GAZ69 and more pix will follow soon.

    PiterPanzer: Any plans for multipose 1:25 figures?
  13. exzealot

    exzealot Member


    These models are tough enough in 1/25th! But I guess the challenge is what it is all about; right? I thought about turning wheels on the dremel, but I always thought it would take too long. Birch is a fairly hard wood.

    I have a friend at work who has a HUGE collection of 1:35 armor kits; many of them are bagged without the box, or missing decals etc... I'll ask him if he could spare a few Soviet tank crew members (WWII I assume).

  14. KCStephens

    KCStephens Member

    Glad to see you're back at it with the GAZ - it's been a while...
    Can't wait to see everything come together.
    I really enjoy these smaller scale builds.

    B.T.W... any word from Sergey - How'd he make out in Siberia? sign1
  15. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Fishcarver says Howdy!

    Sergei has been out in the extreme east of Siberia, testing the latest models of Tractor Plant equipment against the giant B.C. banana slugs in the garden....I kid you not....Mrs FishCver turfed a 4-incher off the deck just yesterday. YUCCKK!!

    Seriously: Ken, Kevin et al: it is good to hear from you folks; high time I got back in touch! Summer is not exactly high time for model building up here in Canada

    Turning road wheels out of birch, pine dowel etc is not a difficult thing to do: You need a good saw, preferably a band saw. I'll post a little tutorial shortly. Personally, I'd rather put up with the minor "BirdSheep" of cutting/turning wheels outta wood than building them up out of cardstock. But that is just where I am at now.

    A couple of personal notes:
    Ken: Your Sherman looks just great; and I cannot wait to see your work on the Dragon Wagon. You have a "job o' work" before you're done with that model, but I have no doubt that you can pull it off! If you figure that I can help, I'm here.....also, check out the build threads on kartonnbau

    Kevin: Keep up your great work on your armour. As indicated to Ken, above, PM me if you figure that I can be useful to you.....

    And yes, we can always use 1:35 Soviet figures........ :)

    More interesting stuff to come!

  16. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Ok ... this is the part where I go ... EEEEEWWWWW!!!
  17. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Steve: you got that part right!! . Between teaching classes and helping Mrs FC in the "slug fest" I have had to let my model building go: time to get back at it!!
  18. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    we need photos of our boys batteling the insurgents!

    for the war proaganda department...

    makes the folks at home proud of them boys defending the motherland from the evil invaders!!!!

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