Gauge "N" Boxcar TGR#101976

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Bill Pontin, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Nice job, love the fireworks!
  2. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    good photo set Strthoky. The little car has had a fine tour. I hope a few of the other n gaugers will sign on, like errol, robin and gavin to name a couple. The car needs some international flavor now.:) :) :)
  3. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Great job with the pictures,Strthoky!
    :cool: :cool: :cool:

    I'll second that, David!
    Those guys have some beautiful layouts, too, & could really make a great addition to the "slideshow"!:cool: :cool: :cool:
  4. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way


    I gotta add my "thirds" to that. There's a lot miles left and a lot of layouts to visit.

    When the car comes home on its final run, maybe we can get one of the moderators to redo this thread and leave only the pictures and associated stories. The results would be priceless and should be archived somewhere so it doesn't get lost.

  5. jon-monon

    jon-monon Active Member

    Great pics Strthoky! Especially love the fireworks photo!
  6. Strthoky

    Strthoky Member


    car will be headed out first thing tommorow morning.. should be to ya by the weekend :)
  7. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    Thank you very much Strthoky, I will keep my eyes open for it, and look forward to its return to Kettle Valley country.:) :cool:

  8. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member

    Hey! Sir_Prize showed me the light... I can't believe I've missed this thread? Those were some great shots!
  9. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    Despite the best efforts of Canada Post, The Gauge N Scale Boxcar, TGR# 101976 arrived home to Kettle Valley country today:) :cool:
    You did a fantastic job of painting it Ed! :cool: :cool: :cool:
    I will post pics of it's arrival and run over the K.V. soon.

  10. Strthoky

    Strthoky Member

    wow did I address it wrong? i am sorry:(
  11. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    I love how all of you folks handle this. It's just great to see. Great fireworks there, Strthoky but, I noticed from that shot approaching the culvert, has your MOW dept. heard of Roundup? Great job on those weeds.
  12. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    No Strthoky, The address was correct and there is no need for an apology, However, there is currently the threat of a nationwide postal strike up here, with Canada Post first, setting a strike deadline, then extending it.
    I had a bag of parts for a metal garden shed (which, along with the instructions, were not included in the box) shipped from Ontario to B.C. and they took 9 days to get here :confused: and it seems that everything except bills are slow to arrive.:(
    Oh Well.........:rolleyes:

  13. Hey, Where's the Car?

    No updates in two weeks. What happened to the N-scale boxcar?
  14. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    It's in Kettle Valley country:) and I will be posting pics shortly.
    Sorry about the delay, however it has been one Very busy July around here. :eek:
    First was my grandmother's 100th birthday, along with the family reunion (and all the disfunctionality that seems to go along with such events:().
    I also spent a lot of time during the last few weeks with my accountant, putting the paperwork together for my business in order to meet our GST deadline at the end of July.
    And to top it all off, My wife slipped and broke her ankle, although she refused to acknowledge (despite my insistance) that it might be, for an entire week and only allowed me to take her to the doctor when it finally became too dificult for her to walk.
    She has been in a cast for almost 2 weeks now and will probably be in it for another 6 weeks:( and the doctor has told her to stay off it and keep her feet up, which leaves me in the position of having to do the part bachelor thing (you know, the cooking, laundry and housework part?:rolleyes:).
    Apart from waiting on her hand and foot, I can't seem to shake the feeling that she is milking this for all it's worth. :confused:
    Anyway, enough of the excuses and on to the pics.:D

  15. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    Train # 81 (Nelson to Midway Freight Daily) is just minutes out of Nelson with The Gauge Boxcar, TGR # 101976 on it's return home to Kettle Valley country.
    The train is seen crossing the Kootenay river near Taghum and TGR # 101976 is the first car behind the power.
    The car is on it way home after its repainting (Way Cool Paint Job Ed!!!:cool: :cool: :cool:) and it North American tour.:) :D :) :D.


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  16. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    A couple more shots of the car on the bridge.

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  17. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    one more.

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  18. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    The train starts its climb up the Farron Hill.

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  19. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    Here the train is seen through a break in the trees crossing a small bridge in the mountains.

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  20. K.V.Div

    K.V.Div Member

    Another Shot.

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