GATS show in Ft. Wayne, In?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by cjsharpe, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. cjsharpe

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    I am new to this board but have been lurking around for a while. I understand there is a GATS show in Ft. Wayne, IN this weekend. Can someone tell me about it? Right now we are on a limited budget but am interested in going. Is it worth the 2 hour trip? I know that may sound stupid, but we have been to other train shows and were disappointed in them.
  2. jon-monon

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    Welcome to the-gauge CJ!

    I've never been to a GATS show myself, but I've seen some nice layout pics from them. Myself, if tight for time and/or cash, I would learn what you need from internet resources and spend the time, money and energy on modeling.
  3. danimal

    danimal New Member

    I have been to GATS in Minnesota twice. The first was very big with a room for layouts and a room for booths. The second year was far smaller with most of the same layouts and dealers. The best part of the show is when those who have layouts speak about techniques for different aspects of modeling railroads. Although good for starting out, I agree that surfing websites, reading anything you can from the library or purchasing books is the best way to start out.

    I am starting with a preset track plan and materials from one company. This is due to my limited space and spendable income. I am considering it a start. I will continue to change or work on it until I am in a place that I can build a prototype.

    Good luck with your start!
  4. jon-monon

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    Welcome to the-gauge danimal! You hit the key point, getting started! Like the old Nike ad: just do it! Keeping in mind what you start with you don't have to finish with, buy reasonable quality, focus on two or three things you like (i.e. logging, mining, etc. not everything) and have fun along the way.
  5. marc gast

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    GATS on the downslide


    Over the past few years, GATS has become a less and less interesting show. Not much to choose from, too many shows (2 each weekend in the cities), they have eliminated the prize money for the layout contests and also the when Lego layouts are 1st place winners, then, its time to call it quits. Also, now, they have a simultaneous computer show with it. Its not worth the 2 hour drive.

  6. belg

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    I agree with Jon that if money is tight I would skip the show and spend your money on stuff for the layout. That being said though the best show so far I went to see was a GATS show in Connecticut last year lots of vendors good deals and many seminars and at least ten great layouts. If your set on going maybe try to contact the clubs that will be attenting and get some more info from one of them.
  7. marc gast

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    You must have attended a novelty GATS. They truely are going down the tubes.


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