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    I am posting this here too, in case there are some members here interested in the gatling gun.

    I will update the post here once the model is ready for download.

    There will be two variants in one model so you can choose from either the drum version or magazine version and from either fixed or rotating left right and tilting up down version.

    I am curious as to what scale to use. Many would want a 1:1 scale but just how tall are these things ?

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    When I was growing up, my next door neighbor made one on a tripod....only difference was his was a clip feed, not a drum. 12 gauge shotgun barrels. Then he made one on a carriage base, then a field mortar, then a short barrel cannon, then finally a six pound gun. Scratched everything except the barrels which were recovered and re sleeved civil war barrels.

    He worked off of patent drawings and if I recall correctly (it's been 35 years) it was about 4 feet tall.
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    1:8 scale (common to Scale Horse Drawn Vehicle modelers) would be awesome and the tiny parts would be easy to work with, even the rounds. I'd really be interested in this model as a stand alone static display.
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    I scaled the gun as follow.

    From bottom till top of gun (excluding drum / magazine) = 4 feet or ~122cm or 1.2m (estimate real life height guess)

    I will release it at 2 scales then : (excluding drum / magazine)
    1:8 = ~15.25cm tall
    1:4 = ~30.5cm tall

    When I check in Pepakura the model including the drum / magazine will be:
    1:8 = 21.3cm tall
    1:4 = 42.7cm tall

    If any one wants some other scales I will gladly rescale it for them if they don't have the designer version of pepakura.

    Even at 1:8 same parts did seem small to me, hence my decision to release it at 1:4 too. Scaling bigger then 1:4 is going to be difficult to fit on the pages.

    EDIT : Almost done with the unfolding and I can most certainly say that the 1:4 scale is just about the best one, some parts are already small and I think the average builder should be able to build them. Going to 1:8 is going to be tricky and I think only the more advanced builders with super eye sight is going to be able to build the model.

    I will do the 1:8 scale for those who want to attempt it.

    See attached picture. I am using A4 paper size, see how tiny are some parts at 1:4 scale.

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  5. blaar

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    Gatling Gun is ready for download, either at my Media Fire page or at paper modelers.
    I have made two scales, 1:4 and 1:8, the 1:8 is going to be tough with some small parts. Good luck to those building at 1:8.


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