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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Fred_M, Apr 15, 2004.

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    Our gas prices seem to have a weekly cycle between 79.9 and 64.9 per litre. (A litre is close to a quart). The gas stations have a little graph showing how the gas price is divided up, with profit getting 2%. I now wonder where the 20%+ price swing comes out of? It's not the government adjusting the tax rates every day!
    They've also become cagy, no longer raising prices before the weekend (especially the long weekend), but it does go up on Tuesday or Wednesday or sometimes Monday -- you have to gamble whether the low will be Tuesday morning or fall more for Wednesday.
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    Will, thanks for the reply I hadn't check this post for a while.

    Judy As far as I've heard it is illegal in several states to fill your own tank but doesn't stop us. Law breakers that we are!!!!

    Pierce, I think you must have cut the squirrel thats pedaling like crazy out of the picture.
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    Belg: No squirrel, just turn the key.

    Here in Connecticut, the price varies by area. It seems the wholesalers control the price and have "determined" that certain areas can afford higher prices than others. A station near me, and also near an exit of I-84 jumped from 1.85 to 1.94 a few days ago. Meanwhile, I bought gas in a town about 15 miles away for 1.75 just last evening.

    I used to live in New Jersey. If I remember correctly, it is the only state in the US where self-service at the pumps is illegal.
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    I know New Hampshire is as well, at least according to my brother in law.Pat
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    Add Oregon to that list. I don't mind it though, makes you feel a little more like they are earning those prices. :p
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    Strange laws you folks can have in some states in the US. Here in Canada I have travelled through every province and there were self serve gas stations everywhere. Now some will offer to fill up for you but for a premium price. Then there are discounters who will serve you for a good price to so we do have options open to us. I like the ones where you put in a credit card into the slot on the pump, pump gas and get a receipt without having to go to a booth to pay.
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    I haven't heard of service stations where you don't have to do it yourself in my lifetime!

    It seems a rather weird idea to me as having someone fill up your car for you is something I associate with the 60's.

    I like the idea of being able to bung your credit card in the pump so as you don't have to go into the wee shop though!

    Ah, the joys of living in a country where anything bigger than a 2.0 litre engine is only found in gas guzzling urban assualt vehicles or sports cars, which makeup about 5% of all the cars on the road.

    If course, I ride a bike so I never need to go to a petrol station and don't give a damn about the price of petrol:D

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