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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Woodie, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Woodie

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    This is the track plan for Garahbara. :D Already laid, so it's not really "for the future", but never mind.

    It is about 6 metres end to end (20 feet) and the passenger platforms are 2 metres long. To accomodate 7 - 8 passenger cars plus loco.

    The mainlines loop around at each end to form a "dogbone" type layout. All turnouts are Peco large radius.

    Wiring? Each mainline wiring is the "reverse" of the other. i.e. the "inner" mainline has the "inner track" as + and the "outer" mainline has the "outer track" as +. (using standard DC operation). This prevents shorts when moving "forward" from the inner mainline to the outer mainline. (at the "crossover tracks" at each end of the platforms. Therefore, "forward" (on the controller) is always "forward" on each mainline, (according to the arrow) rather than "forward" being left to right on ALL tracks.

    DPDT switches atttached to appropriate turnouts switch polarity on the yards and "out'n'back" station platform, so "forward" or "reverse" matches the appropraite mainline you enter from/leave to.


    What does youse all reckon?
  2. Woodie

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    .... and why, when i clicked "insert image" (and it does place the "IMG" '/IMG" tags around the image URL (which is already uploaded to The Gauge), does it turn it into a hyperlink, and not include the image in the post???????
  3. 13Mtrainer

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    cool thanks i want to model after that thanks
  4. Woodie

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    kewl. :) :cool: I'm glad you reckon it's basically what you want to model. :)

    But Garahbara does have a few rules of operation. No train shall go up the down line or down the up line. I.e. no "forward" travel of trains in the opposite direction of the arrows. Just as the prototype does. And if you hold this rule, it should never be necessary to reverse to/from the mainlines for arrivals and departures.

    Platform 1 of Garahbara Station is for out'n'back operation only. i.e. DMU railcars and interurbans. Where there is a driving cab at both ends.

    Let's look at a simjple out'n'back operation.

    The train leaves platform 1, and, of course, must traverse on to the "inner" loop/mainline. (forward). Operate around the "inner" mainline a few loops, stopping and picking up passsengers (using platforms 3 & 4). We then switch mainlines, from inner to outer, still going "forward" when approaching from the "east" on the inner line, and switch to use platform 2 (outer line). The train then departs "forward" (westerly) and runs a few loops of the "outer" mainline. On final approach, from the "east", on the "outer" loop, you can enter platform one, and hence the "final destination" of you out'n'back operation.

    Is that an easy enough operation to follow?

    This mode of operation would make Garahbara a busy interurban centre, with urban passenger operations coming and going, and also allows for multiple train operations as well. e.g. after train No 1 has departed, on to the "inner" loop, train No 2 (travelling on the "outer" loop) could be prepared for arrival into it's "final destination" (platform 1). You then switch train No 1 on to the "outer" loop, and have train No 2 depart on to the "inner" loop, or just leave both running around each loop.

    Effectively, this operates Garahbara as one big "reverse" loop.

    You can also slot in the ocassional freight departure from the yards, on to either loop, and have it return to the yards on a completion of a single, or couple of circuits. The yard line around the curve on the "west" end can be used as staging for freight arrivals (from the outer loop) or departures to the inner loop.

    Getting confused?? :D
  5. 13Mtrainer

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    i am getting cofused :D. no not realy i like the way you run your trans and the rules i think that they are a nessicary.
  6. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    :thumb: Good to see, 13M. Perhaps you can print the layout off, and join the mainlines up at each end, the "walk through" (sorta pretend) some of the train operations you might wanna do. (following the rules, of course. :) ) You know, have a freight arrive into the staging siding, and then have one leave, so the other can then move in to the freight platform to be unloaded. Meanwhile your trans-continental passenger express arrives, and, of course, the freight close behind will need to pass it (via the passing loop siding) so it can get on it's way. etc etc etc..... :D

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