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  1. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member

    just a request for some tech advice.....

    i play an online game called "fear combat" , any ideas how i can get the meshes and brushes out of the game to put through peparuka or the like?

    it's just a pet project but i'll do a build/download of the finished figure ( if i can ever get the meshes out!!! )

    many thanks

  2. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member

    the meshes appear to be Model00p files

  3. k5083

    k5083 Member

  4. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member


    many thanks for that link!

    will d/l and give it a whirl

  5. jedidude

    jedidude New Member


    cool i will give that a try also:mrgreen:

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