Galeon San Salvador Hybrid

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    The galleon is almost coming to an end. It should have been finished over a year ago but it was so detail intensive that I lost the urge for a while. Here are a few updates on the ship, the gun ports. The stand came out great and she looks mighty proud in her display stand but those photos will come later. Enjoy and see you soon with more updates.[​IMG] 340.jpg 344.jpg

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  2. silveroxide

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    This model is a bit too detail oriented and it took a lot of time away from other projects. My thread is just a guideline for those who wish to build this model in the future. Keep in mind, that it has a lot of wood details in it. I built it almost the same as I would build a wooden ship and treated all laminated paper as if it were wood board/planks.

    With this update, I will show the build of the rudder. It has a laminated center and the outside templates are cut into strips and glued to the inner center, sort of like a sandwich. The hinges are made from cardstock thin strips and using cut straight pins as the hinge pins. The rudder template is from the plans sheet and it seemed a bit to narrow to steer the ship. This maybe one of the reasons that the galleys were a bit cumbersome and slow in their steering capabilities. Added to the small rudder, the galleys were too fat in their bellies and had too much water contact to allow for a smooth flow and get speed to get away from privateers. Enjoy the show and the end is coming soon. See you all soon with more updates and small details.[​IMG] 341.jpg 342.jpg 343.jpg 347.jpg 348.jpg 349.jpg 350.jpg 351.jpg
  3. silveroxide

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    More updates on the build. this session, is on the display base. I was planning on a full ship length base but opted for the smaller cradle. I used the template from the printed plans as a base and used coffee stirrers to plank the stand. 352.jpg 353.jpg 354.jpg 355.jpg 356.jpg 357.jpg 358.jpg 359.jpg 360.jpg
  4. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    The small cradle base can also be attached to a longer wood base. It fits good and I did not add a felt strip to the contact edges or to the bottom of the base. I will probably do that sometime in the future but for now it will stand as is. This session is divided in two portions. This split is due to one of my sites will only allow ten photos per upload and this will keep me straight as to what I post on each site. See you soon with part two. 361.jpg 362.jpg 363.jpg 364.jpg 365.jpg 366.jpg
  5. PaperAir

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    even the stand is a work of art
  6. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I believe this version is better than the original cradle. The planking could have been done with laminated cardstock but again, I opted for the real feel of wood.

    Here is the second portion of the base. I believe it stands out a bit better than the original. As mentioned earlier, my first option, was to make a long base, but this small cradle can also be attached centered on a larger wood base. The next installments, will be on the finished ship. Until then, see you all soon. 367.jpg 368.jpg 369.jpg 370.jpg 371.jpg 372.jpg
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  7. Rhaven Blaack

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    As always, you have done a SPECTACULAR JOB on this model!

    The stand is a PERFECT FINISH for this model!!!
  8. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comment RB. The best accolade received is from Doris. While I appreciate all kudos, one coming from the Master ship builder is icing on the cake. I am pleased that you have enjoyed the thread. I will post the final photos soon.
  9. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    And so, another thread comes to an end. I will not say that it was fun all of the time but the effort of building it was worth all the while. Hopefully, all of you who have looked in now and then enjoyed the show. here are some final photos of the Galleon, it could use some more small details but I believe that I will stop here and move on to the next subject. It will be the small Steampunk tracked vehicle. Enjoy and see you all in the next forum.[​IMG] 373.jpg 374.jpg 375.jpg 376.jpg 377.jpg 378.jpg 379.jpg 380.jpg 381.jpg 382.jpg

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