G1 Megatron Papermodel WIP

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  1. Zathros

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    Did you follow the link above?


    The download link is on the upper right hand side of the page, under "Favorites', it is marked "Download File" , it is a .pdo file, you just need a FREE copy of Pepakura Viewer.

    Lots of other goodies on that page. Maybe resurrecting some of these old threads isn't so bad, if you follow them out to their conclusion.
  2. zwave343

    zwave343 the human lazor

    to fix that pdo

    honestly, i would have scanned the parts after printing them and made them into a pdf file. but im just talking for the people who dont have viewer or designer. ive got both coz they both have features the other doesnt. but nice work. although in the pics his nose looks a little crooked. but nothing to do with the thread, i relized that megtron shoots from the scope of his transformation. i would have made him shoot from his barrel.
  3. Zathros

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    That's not a double entendre is it? Sometimes, I shoots from duh hip! :p
  4. ThunderChild

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    Luckily he did not shoot the deputy... :p
  5. chapsy

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    I was talking about Voltron5's model, not Monkeyrum's.

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