G1 Megatron Papermodel WIP

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  1. ikariya

    ikariya New Member

    I concur, Itd be cool to see them transform as well as pose nicely.
  2. Britaelis

    Britaelis New Member

    Heya V5 did you ever release the megatron or OP?
  3. voltron5

    voltron5 Member

    Sorry I haven't replied to this thread in so long. After not seeing this in quite a while and looking at it now all I can think is "good god this thing looks terrible". Megatron wasn't released, I wasn't happy with the overall shape. I am going to be redoing Optimus and Megatron in the style of the Revoltech figures, I found some really good front and side references to model from. I was modeling by eye before which is why it looks so bad:oops: I am making an Animated Wreck-gar at the moment, then after that I am going back and redoing all the models I made in the past (Lion Voltron, Vehicle Voltron which was unreleased, Optimus and Megs)
  4. WickedClownInc

    WickedClownInc New Member

    V5, Your killing me man. LMFAO. I'm just now about 85% done with your prime. And your telling me your coming out with another version. I'm going to go ahead and finish him and wait for your next version. Looking forward to it. Will do a side by side comparison. And he definitely needs Megs to compliment him. Thanks a million bro, and looking forward to all of these new and improved versions.
  5. jtkirklin

    jtkirklin New Member

    I cannot wait to see your Vehicle Voltron

    I was watching the show the other day with my 7 year old. He loves to watch all the classic toons with his old man. Some weekends we'll do mini marathons of classic toons. This Saturday is a Mighty Orbots Saturday
  6. poroto

    poroto New Member

    I love your work, hope optimus prime is excellent with a yearning to megatron
  7. jarell

    jarell New Member

    all hail megatron! :)
  8. wen wil these raedy.
    wil see more from optimus and megatron.
  9. LordPuki

    LordPuki New Member

    I've attempted the Optimus kit on three separate occasions and each time I'd get about halfway done and something would happen to ruin the build (sat on; dog chew toy; etc....). When the revised kit is finished, maybe I'll have better luck then.
  10. lordbandit

    lordbandit New Member

    is that optimus a model of yours too ??? when would you be releasing megatron? awesome model man keep up the good work... Unicron would be awesome... at he scale you want I'm buildind the optimus prime for paper replika and huge doesn't start the description...
  11. MonkeyRum

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  12. MonkeyRum

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  13. MonkeyRum

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    It seems to be something with the link to papermodelers forum that it doesn't like when I post.

    I just won't post the direct link. If you go to my Deviantart site in my sig link and then to the Megatron previews it will have a link to the thread.

    Here is the 3D model I built and altered off a Quake base done by Ancient1. It's probably about 80% reworked and new:

    Here is a preview of my build so far:

    I actually am further than that pic. The main part is done I'm just working on the scope and arms before the final pics and a release.
  14. JoseOmatic

    JoseOmatic New Member

    Wow that's awesome
  15. MonkeyRum

    MonkeyRum New Member

    Well here he is. I know of a lot of people that have been waiting for awhile for a G1 Megatron papercraft. I finished the beta buil this morning and have attached pictures.

    He was printed on 65lb cardstock and printed on an HP Laserjet. Original model was for the Transformers Quake player pack and done by G. "Alpha-Prime" Civita (AKA Ancient1). I took and redid about 90% of the 3d model to make it papercraft ready and enhance areas. The texture was done by me by scratch, followed by an unfold in Pepakura. Final model sits 12.5 inches tall (~31.75 cm) and looks sweet.

    I'm not going to lie and say it's an easy build. The head is tricky, but doable. I plan to tweak a few bits here in there and then I'll release it.


  16. MonkeyRum

    MonkeyRum New Member

  17. hellbringer17

    hellbringer17 Member

    Amazing work! I love it :)

    although if you dont mind I have a question: would it be possible to create some extra parts and turn it into a WFC Megatron?
  18. MonkeyRum

    MonkeyRum New Member

    It would be another full resculpt to match something like this:

    and a full retexture. I personally wouldn't even use the G1 as a base as they are so different.
  19. smoe

    smoe New Member

    Man, that is awesome. I'll build it for sure! Thanks for the design!
  20. chapsy

    chapsy Resident Brony

    not bad, the templates are done pretty nicely! great texture work!

    Might be a little old, but did OP ever come around to finishing the model he was working on? the model work looked incredibly nice from what I saw.
    given that the first post was three years ago it might be an abandoned model at this point though :(

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