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    I'm putting this here rather than G scale to get everybodies attention that knows anything about G.

    Some years ago I set up a G layout at a pediatric clinic. There was an enclosed atrium, divided in two. There was a long oval in each side. Windows looked out into each one from examining rooms, so kids could see the trains running around. The track is elevated about 12" to the level of the windows. I had 3 B'mann locos. After several years and a couple heart surgeries, I want to get them running again. Two doctors told me to get what I needed. Question 1. What is the best locos to get? Expensive is OK, but stay within reason. They would want 3-4, to have backups for breakdowns. One track has a small LGB power pack, so if that is good enough, what is another good one? Or where to get another.

    They thought that an interrupting timer would help keep them running longer, lik run 4-5 minutes, then cut off and cool 2-3 minutes. Probably 4 hours morning, hour break, and 4 hours afternoon.

    I have seen kids glue themselves to windows to watch the trains and it is a sight to behold. They told me that kids don't fuss a bit going to the drs. office if the trains are running.

    Most everything I have is HO, so I need HELP on this G stuff.

    Thanks all
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    I think for something that is going to run the sort of hours a display layout will do, you would want to run LGB. The LGB Moguls are nice, but might be a bit pricey. I think LGB still makes some reasonably priced Porters. Another possibility is the Playmobile train set. It runs a LGB mechanism, but is made for kids without the small details, so it may be a bit less expensive. If I remember correctly it is a late 1800s style 4-4-0 with old style truss rod cars. The Bachmann locomotives will be a lot less expensive, but I think they would wear out rather quickly. Another option might be the Lionel Thomas set. The size would be a little smaller, but I think still big enough for the kids to see it easily. With the interest kids today have in Thomas, that might be a better choice. Lionel would also be a reliable train.
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    Hi Lynn,
    You could add pushbuttons so that the kids could start the trains. A timer would allow them to run for a few minutes, then shut off. Needs a relay to latch in during the delay.
    This would keep the trains from running with no one present. The HO trains at the museum are wired like this, and it seemed everyone liked it.:) :)
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    LGB has relays that you can put in the tracks (somehow) that are plastic squares. This will allow you to run a train, then when it gets to the relay - it starts another train and then when that train gets to the realy on that track, it starts the first train agian.... My LHS has this type setup.... it lets the trains run 1/2 the time and they cool down in-between running... Looks neat too :) PM me & I'll check on what they did and how much it will cost :D
  5. N Gauger

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    OOps - I guess I should have made that clearer :D When the first trian gets to the relay - it stops.... then starts train 2 :) then when train 2 gets to "it's" relay - it stops and starts train 1 :D :D
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    OK, I'm getting the ideas. First, I guess is that LGB would be the best to get. Secondly, it wouldn't work for kids buttons because there are about 3 rooms looking out onto the track. Is it too long for them to run continuously for 4 hours at a time? Maybe 5 running and 2 sitting. Would that be better?

    What is a good online store fo LGB?

    Thanks again
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  8. Russ Bellinis

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    I would think that the number of trains you could run in sequence with the LGB relays would be limited only by the number of relays you install and the number of trains available. I would presume you need to have each train set up on a separate loop, or the switching would get complicated. Having each train run one circuit and stop. Then having another train run one circuit and stop, and so on, would put less wear and tear on the trains than any other method of automatic running I think. I think it would also keep interest up better if there are a number of different trains taking turns running to keep the kids guessing which train is going to start up next?

    I just looked at the Train World site. It looks like they have some LGB starter sets priced at less than the price of any individual LGB locomotive.
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    Each window would be able to see each train probably about 75% of the time. Here is the layout.


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