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  1. kfh227

    kfh227 Member

    What are the "popular" G scale brands? A simple question I suppose.
  2. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    LGB, Aristocraft, and USA Trains are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. There are probably others but those three will give you a starting point.
  3. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    That is a tough question. Also, there are different scales that run on "G-scale" track....1:32, 1:29, 1:24, 1:22.5, and 1:20.3

    Basically, LGB track is correct for standard gauge trains at 1" of model=32" of real train. For the common American narrow gauge of 3', 1:20.3 is correct. Despite that, different models...sometimes from the same builder...are built to different scales...but use the same track.

    Bachmann/Spectrum has probably become the leading 1:20.3 manufacturer offering beautiful locomotives...as well as cheaper engines which are excellent for kitbashing...such as building a Colorado Central porter on the chassis of a Bachmann Industrial 2-6-0 (aka the Indy). Btw, if you select Bachmann's UK site, it has a vastly superior menu to their american site.

    Hartford Products makes awesome cars to accompany the Spectrum locomotives. Hartford Products

    The live steam offerings are awesome:
    Aster Hobbies (they have an NKP berk, USRA 2-8-2, as well as international locomotives)
    Accucraft can only be described as awesome... ACCUCRAFT TRAINS COMPANY

    That's to supplement Dave's suggestions. If I was going garden...I'd focus on Bachmann (4-4-0 & shay), Aristocraft (for the 4-6-2, 2-8-2, and 2-8-8-2), and scratchbuild...which is much easier in large scale...using parts from Hartford and locomotive mechanisms from Bachmann.
  4. kfh227

    kfh227 Member

    wonderful responses. I'm researching everything you have said!

    I got the green light to do an around the room setup in a boat house. The only question now is G gauge or O gauge. O because I love lionel. G because it will be more visible.

    In general, are O scale or G scale quieter? I'm guessing that the difference is negligible.
  5. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    I wouldn't even give it second thoughts...I'd go G for such a setup. I don't know which is quieter when comparing G with the newer Lionel & MTH stuff, but the old stuff was 100x louder than my 25yr old LGB set is. I suspect that they are probably pretty quiet...but that will vary from locomotive to locomotive (and layout to layout).
  6. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    Here are a couple of general comments. Don't forget to research your curve radius while you are at it. I would avoid the Bachmann G scale Christmas sets with the 4-6-0 loco's. From what I've read the mechanisms don't hold up well. There is a cottege industry that rebuilds them into good loco's but at considerable cost.
  7. boarderdf

    boarderdf New Member

    I used to run LGB as a kid. I still have the set, but dont have room for it right now. I will say though, LGB stuff took a real beating. From the time I was probably 3 or so up until now, when I am almost 25, it still runs great. We had 2 locomotives, and one of them had to be repaired once, but that was it.
  8. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    You sound like me. I'm a month into being 25...I had 2 locomotives...a black 0-4-0 lettered little billy and a 4 wheel yellow diesel with rods. (I also destroyed a battery powered 1st generation bachmann 4-6-0).
  9. boarderdf

    boarderdf New Member

    I had the green 2 motor small locomotive that just had LGB on the tender, and then the big 2-6-0 steamer, with I believe DSP & PRR. Great set, probably set it up in the garden once I get a house.
  10. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    That sounds pretty cool. The South Park Mogul came out right around when I turned 3...and played a major role in the spread of G scale. I have a South Park mogul in On3...although it needs to be repainted to the appropriate colors. 90% of my modeling efforts are for the DSP&P in On3.
  11. boarderdf

    boarderdf New Member

    My big complaint was the lack of availability, at least with LGB. It was mostly European, and I was modeling Old American West. But my dad bought the stuff, so it was whatever he wanted it to be. Now I have my own HO running a Big Boy next to a GP60. Oh well.
  12. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    I remember the days before LGB forayed into No1 gauge stuff (I don't know if they use 1:32 or 1:29).

    Now days large scale is the best scale for modeling the wild west. Accurate cars for the DSP&P mogul are now available from Hartford & Accurail. Cheaper cars are available from Bachmann. LGB has some nice looking american cars now as well. There's also a great selection of D&RGW cars...although they are as they've appeared in modern times...which would look great behind Bachmann's new 2-8-2. There are also a couple choices for C-16s as they appeared in the 1880s.

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