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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by sunset pizza, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. sunset pizza

    sunset pizza New Member

    I am planning a G scale loop around our new baby's nursery. On a limited budget I am planning on buying a starter set and of course extra track. Can you guys give me some opinions on quality of the starter sets?
    I have looked at Bachman, LGB, and Aristocraft. I have been told the Bachman sets won't last as long as the LGB. But the LGB cars look a little cheap to me (plastic wheels).
    I've only seen the Aristo pictures but they look decent.
    Also the Bachman track is aluminum? It looks to me the Aristo and LGB are solid brass.

    The track will go around the room on a shelf, out of little fingers reach. I want it to last many years, so I would like the best quality/quietest of the starter sets! :)

    Which sets should I look at?

    Also any tips you can give for wiring, track laying, etc would be appreciated!.
  2. capt_turk

    capt_turk Member

    Since you are on a limited budget, look at the Sam's Club, Bachmann North Star Express set. It is going for about $136. It comes with 2 passenger cars and a caboose. The track that comes with the set is steel. It is definitely not the best quality track, but will work as long as it is used inside. To get quality track, you will need to get the brass tracks from LGB, Aristocraft, or USA Trains. LGB is the most expensive. The quality of the Bachmann sets is very good and will last you a long time if proporly cared for. I would reccomend getting a little better transformer than comes with the set. It is the minimum for the set. If you plan on it running for long periods of time you need one that doesn't have to work so hard.
    I've bought three of the sets and have been quite happy with them.
  3. fooldancing

    fooldancing New Member

    I am planning on putting Bachmann track up around my parents house in the hall and their spare bedroom. The track is fine for inside use.

  4. Philinbos

    Philinbos Member

    You might also check out the Hatland Value line for rolling stock. www.h-l-w.com Hartland also has aluminum track for indoor use which should suit your usage just fine... I wouldn't skimp on the power suppply though...
  5. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    For our garden railroad we bought Bachmann's Rocky Mountain Express. The train survived my seven year old son setting it and taking it down from Christmas until we moved it outside in June. When it went outside we used Aristo-craft track since the Bachmann is not weather resistant. Now that it is winter I am sure the train will reappear in the living room with the Bachmann track.

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