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    Hi guys, as some of you know I model in N Scale, a friend of mine is modeling in G Scale and wants me to scale some projects for him, making plans for actual buildings. My question is where can I get a G Scale Ruler? I hate to go buy one for this, is there someplace I can download one in scale (for free,)(i am cheap) just to scale his plans? Thanks for the help. :rolleyes:
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  3. N Gauger

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    Here are a couple Excell Spread sheets that I designed.

    The first converts "scale" to Actual measurments


    The second does the reverse.....

    Actual to scale

    Just put your numbers in right below "INPUT" then hit enter


    If you right click the links - you can save them to your computer.
  4. Russ Bellinis

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    The problem with trying to do a "G" scale ruler is that G is not as consistant as other scales. LGB is 1/29" to the foot I think. Bachmann is 1/22" to the foot. Both of these are narrow gauge.
    Other manufacturers make standard gauge using the same track as the narrow gauge manufacturers so their stuff is 1/20" to the foot I think. Before you can make a scale ruler, you need to know what scale of G your friend is working in.
  5. Danny

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    Ross, You are half right, Bachmann is 1:22.5 or newer 1:20.3.
    LGB can range from 1:22.5 to 1:29, Aristocraft and USA Trains are generally 1:29 (with some 1:24).
    1:20.3 up to 1:24 scales represent Narrow Gauge, whilst 1:29 up to 1:32 represent Standard Gauge all running on 45mm Gauge Track.:confused:
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    Soapbox time :D
    The main problem with "G Scale" is that there is no such thing!:eek: Now, there is a "G Gauge" which is 45mm track, it just happens that there are about 5 "scales" that run on this track. Are we confused yet?

    Now to answer your question. CTT makes plastic scale rulers for the different scales. Check out Wm K. Walthers site and do a quick search under 233
    If you don't want to buy a ruler get your friend to, after all its his RR.
  7. Danny

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    Getting back to the oiriginal request for "G" rulers, the simplest ruler is to build all lineside buildings to a scale of 1/2 inch to the foot, 1:24 scale. This scale is also useful when purchasing motor vehicles for your line, as many are scaled at 1:24.
    My railway, the Rookwood Central Railway, represents a three foot gauge line, and, I am using equipment to the following scales, 1:20.3, 1:22.5 and 1:24. Size differences are so minor as to be not worrying, except when running a Bachmann Consolidation next to a Bachmann 20 foot car, (Same scale, but vastly different prototype examples.) :)
    Regards, Danny in Queensland, Australia.

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