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    Hey Guys,New here. Little about myself,My name is Matt Kiker. I have loved trains since I was a little guy. Now at almost 20 years old(next month)I am still in love with them. I used to go to the railroad tracks 5 mins from my house everyday after school in middle school...get there around 4pm and stay till around 8:30 or so in the summer..no longer in school but work full time of course and still find myself going to watch trains after work in the evenings..mostly on weekends. I live in Harrisburg,NC..which is right outside of Charlotte. Its Norfolk Southern's line but here lately I have seen quite a few Union Pacifics,BNSF's,Conrail,and the occasional Sante Fe. There are two Amtrak's that run from Charlotte to Raliegh and back. Well enough about me.

    When I was younger I had bought alot of HO scale trains. Had a track set-up in the house.

    Been years since I have had any of it out...What I want to do is build a G Scale garden railway. I am new to this so I have some questions..well alot but don't want to overwelm you guys with all of them. I have the next week off so I thought about going out tomorrow and getting some stuff cleared out in the flowerbed,etc to lay some track. When I get track laid down is it ok to leave the G-Scale track outside all the time through the rain,etc without the rails corroding,etc?

    Where are some places to buy G Scale products from?? I have checked Towerhobbies.com and they have an alright selection but not many deisel engines for G scale. I want a Norfolk Southern engine and they aren't getting any in stock for a good while. So where is some good places to buy engines,Freight Cars,track,etc for G Scale?

    Thanks in advance for any help,Matt.
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    Hi Matt,

    Welcome to The Gauge!

    I have a few friends in local clubs who have garden railroads. As far as I know, it is fine to leave the track outside year-round. They do it here in the great white north... Ottawa, Canada! However, some guys switch to remote control and battery power to avoid the inevitable failure of the rails to provide power. Plus, it allows you to run the train, not the track (sort of like DCC, I guess...).

    Here's a really useful link I got just the other day...


    Plus a few others...

    http://www.trainweb.org/ovlsme/ (Live steamers, but info is relevant to any outdoor layout)

    http://members.fortunecity.com/gknowles/gn3/gn3_main.htm (Narrow gauge G scale - look out for pop-ups...)

    http://www.ovar.ca/Fred Mills/fred_mills.htm (this layout belongs to a guy who is part of the first link)

    Good luck!

  3. TomPM

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    Hello Matt and welcome to the Gauge.

    At home we are in the process of planning the first stage of our G-scale garden railway empire. The location has been selected. We just need to get the track and get started.
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    :wave: Welcome To The-Gauge Matt :wave:
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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Very much appreciated. Thanks for those links MasonJar I will get started on them as soon as I get done with dinner. I am sure you will have more questions thrown at you from my way:rolleyes: . Thanks again guys. Matt.
  6. Livesteam

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    Hello, this place i have found some very good prices on G scales, www.lgbpola.com
  7. Philinbos

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    Visit www.H-L-W.com (Hartland Locomotive Works)- They are the only manufacturer of G scale still producing in the USA. Mostly steam and some traction items. They have a link to their dealers, most of which presumably also sell diesels by USA or Aristo. Welcome to the hobby! FYI I use track power,(Massachusetts) it's been outside 5 years now, I rarely have any trouble with it. I started with LGB track but later additions have all been Aristocraft track.

    Good Luck,

    P.S. If you buy on the internet or mail order be careful of the freight charges- Some outfits offer a low price price but nail you on shipping charges- :curse:
  8. S 3/6

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    It is sad that there is only one manufacturer making G scale left in the USA, all else are "made in communist China" This is why I buy Marklin, worse case, if they're not made in Germany, their made in Hungry and Czech (no longer communists, and the skilled labor is abound).
  9. dwolson

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    Matt...from what I been researching, you can get a NS U25B at www.lgbpola.com for $119.99. That is a great deal for a G-scale loco. Also, you should should Aristocraft Stainless Steel track for an outdoors layout. There is MUCH less track maintenance involved. Last, you will need a hefty power supply to run these G-scale locos. From the folks I have talked to, you need a 5 to 15 amp (at 20 volts) power supply.
  10. Diezel

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    Hey Masonjar, you're from ottawa? so am I =) (although i live in montreal now)
    can you recommend any good sites? (real sites) i mean, i know there's some live steamers place somewhere in ottawa, or orleans or something.

  11. SF247

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    I am also into G-Scale and have a garden railway. There are som great G-Scale sites on the web. Here are some:




    Hope those help you, and good luck with your layout. :D

  12. Diezel

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    Thanks for the links!
  13. SF247

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    No Problem, I found this sites the most helpful for what I usually look for. Unfortunately you have to pay for most of LSOL's services.
  14. TinGoat

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    Hi Matt,

    See if you can get in touch with Pete Stabovitz. He's in your area / Sort of...

    Pete Stabovitz Charleston, SC

    You might be able to contact him through the Bachmann Trains website "Ask the Bach-man"

    I'm sure that he'd be able to help you...

    Another great place for Garden Railroads is the Saskatoon Railroad Modellers Webpage from Jim Banner . Another great website is MyLargescale.com And there's George Schreyer's Large Scale Trains Page

    Jim Banner and George Schreyer are great guys, who will answer e-mails and are very helpful.
  15. MATTXR250R

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    HEY GUYS!! I am sorry I have not responded..I have been really busy with work. But things are settling down now:thumb: . Which is better outside the Aristo-Craft Stainless or the Brass?? I ordered some track and got the brass because I forgot that towerhobbies.com had the stainless listed. So I hope brass is good outside..the track should be in next week and I will get started laying some of it. I am gonna start laying out my route tommorrow and then start grooming the flowerbed.

    Thanks for all teh info guys..I haven't been able to get to all the sites you guys listed but going to.

    I have been on towerhobbies.com alot lately and what I want to do is have Train Power instead of Track power..I would think that then the condition of the rails wouldn't really make a difference..is that correct?? On the following page is there anything I could use to power a G-Scale locomotive using Train Power?


    I'll get you guys some pictures of where I am gonna be laying this out..And take pictures over the journey to getting it done..I am excited about it.

    I work at the Airport for US Airways Express so I have to bid for my hours,etc. The regular is 2 days off a week which is fine but this bid I am working three 9 hour shifts and one 16 hour shift and getting three days off which will give me more time to work on the railroad!! Thanks so much guys.
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