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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by capt_turk, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. capt_turk

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    I'm setting up a G scale LGB 2-4-0 so it can be run on the same track as a live steam loco.

    I have installed a Super Rooster ESC from a car R/C setup in my LGB 2-4-0. The ESC is rated for only 12 volts. I'm wondering if anyone knows just how much voltage this ESC can actually handle. I know that manufactures ratings are usually very conservative. I'm not worried about warranty.

    The R/C setup works OK, but the loco is not very fast, since it normally uses up to 24 volts.

    I'm also looking at using one of the servos and mounting a video camera on it. That way I can change the view angle at any time. It sure is neat being able to ride the train with the little people.!
  2. Steamtom1

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    Have you considered a battery setup for the LGB loco?

    What kind of live steam are you running?
  3. capt_turk

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    R/C operation with an onboard battery is what I'm setting up.
    I am in the planning/design stage of building a Grasshopper like, vertical boiler loco. It will be 7 1/2" guage.
    I'm not running any G scale live steam. Just want to be able to run on the same track with a live steam. You know, there always needs to be someone who can push the ;ive steamers back to the station when they run out of steam! lol.
  4. Oldmax

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    Remote Control

    Capt Turk

    My would advise you to go with Train Engineer System or something like, They Make an Mini-onboard receiver that works with Train Engineer systen . It also has add on board that will control up to 5 functions such as lights,sound& horn . You also can control Switches with it . Will work with track or battery Power. I installed one on Bachman 4-6-0 worked Real good . Don't use there battery pack .
    Use Black & decker 18 volt rechargable Battery . Will send pic if you wan't. Do it the easy way I am also a Ham N8SAC, What you are using might be OK There units on market that do a better job.
  5. capt_turk

    capt_turk Member

    I usually try to do things the hard way! lol.
    The train specific R/C controlers will not do what I'm trying to do, at least not easily.
    The reason I went with the Model car system is to get the servo capability. I'm using the servos to control a video camera mounted on the train. Pan and tilt. I don't really care about the sound and all that.
    I've had so much trouble finding what the overhead is on the Super Rooster ESC that I ended up mailordering one that is rated for 24 volts from VanTech.
  6. capt_turk

    capt_turk Member

    I killed the Rooster and got a Van Tech 26 volt controler. Problem solved! Now I just need to get an FM radio controller. The AM one occasionally goes spastic from interference. Nice to be able to run without hooking up wires or worrying about dirty track.
  7. Livesteam

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    what kind of FM radio are you looking for? i race RC cars and i am a sponsered driver, i mean you dont want to get a very expencive one right?
  8. capt_turk

    capt_turk Member

    Whatever I can find that is relatively cheap. The one I have now is for model cars.

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