G scale 1/32 subway cars

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    I thought some people here may be interested in this product. http://www.drastic.com/item.php?id=DPTTS-1000&session=f49ab414239f66a073c4a01cbe55a0b4
    In many posts I hear how young(er) people are not interested in trains. I dont really feel that is true. This Drastic Plastic company is making these blank subway car models for kids to tag up. They held a tagging event in November in conjunction with the 100th anniversery of the subway in NYC.

    It's funny this is really a nostalgia product because you NEVER see tagged subway cars anymore. The MTA is diligent about this. The kids buying and tagging these models are probably too young to remember tagged subway cars in the first place.

    In my opinion these kids are a potential new market for toy trains if they knew about the O scale MTH subway stuff....The quality of model building and detail in the art of these modelers is really impressive. They seem like they are molded in halves so they can be displayed as two half models or one whole one. I don't know the scale but at 22 inches long it could be close to 1/32 scale G and scales out to about 55 feet long.

    Has anyone seen these? They sell them in "cool" toy collector stores and comic shops two definitely non traditional places to find realistic train models. How easy would it be to convert to run on track? You could have your own little Bronx on the garden.

    PS. I know alot of people have stong feelings on tagging and graffiti. This I feel is besides the point. We all have had this conversation. People have chosen sides and nothing can be said to change thier minds. I model in O scale and this is like "MTH people" and "Lionel people" arguement it goes nowhere. Please do not flame me or turn this into a "merits of graffiti art" topic.
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    This sounds like something I might like to Check on. I like the art work on some Cars that come trough my home town.

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