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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Foamer01, Feb 9, 2006.

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    I have been lurking around this forum and have decided that I am undecided. I want to suspend a track around my Barber Shop to keep little hands off so a layout at floor level is NOT an option. My room is aprox 14 X 20 and I want just a single track oval. I have drop ceiling at 9' and the wood ceiling at 10'. So here goes a bunch of questions.
    1- Would you mount hangers to the suspended ceiling or design a hanger to attach to the wood ceiling above?
    2- While HO is very available and rather inexpensive I think at that height it would be hard to see well. I am thinking more about G or O gauge
    3- If one went with O gauge if I am understanding this right would it be best to go with three rail lionel as it looks like this is more availble or would two rail be just fine?
    4- G gauge, I notice there is G or LGB. Is the track size the same or is it different? What would be a nice choice for track in an indooor office? Can you interchange G or LGB on the same track.
    5- For myself and the kids that come in my shop I want sound whistle, bracks, chug etc. What is the best way and most economical wy to achive this?
    Thanks for your help
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    1. I would attached to the wood supports as opposed to the metal framing from the drop ceiling, simply for more support.

    2. I would go with 3 rail O guage like Lionel or MTH, I think more variety is avaliable in 3 rail.

    3. As far as I know G is the guage and LGB is a manufacturer, this would also make a nice ceiling layout, although a little more expensive than O gauge.

    4. Sound equipped locomotives are available with chugging, brake squeal, cab chatter, whistle etc. but be prepared to spend upwards of 300.00 for the locomotive.

    Again , these are just my opinions based on my experience.

    My local grocery has a G gauge steam engine with 3-4 cars and caboose running above the check out area and it looks good and the kids love it. But there is no sound other than the engine running.
  3. Steamtom1

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    I'd recommend G Scale, just for the size, 45 mm between rails vs. 32 mm for O gauge. G scale makes for a much more impressive display for the kids.

    There are many manufactures other than LGB which specialize in American style trains. Aristocraft and USA Trains are a couple.

    There is a thread on suspended rail. Check out http://www.the-gauge.com/showthread.php?t=6108

    There are also manufactures of suspended rail systems to do exactly what you want to do. I did a Google search and came up with this site http://www.locoboose.com/, but I know there are others.
  4. Foamer01

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    So it is safe to assume that if I go with G gauge track I will be able to run any G gauge engine on this track?
  5. Philinbos

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    Yes any G scale train, I beleive that Aristocraft also manufactures a hanging system...
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    I run my G gauge outside and I have Lionel(0-4-0), Aristocraft FA1 & FB1 (both powered), and I have a MTH Dash 8 (with sound). I run them all on my track. My son also has an old New Brite set that I picked up cheap form a friend, it too runs on this track.
    I recomend G gauge since it will be overhead and a lot better to see from the floor.
    Just my 2 cents,
    Matt M.
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  8. Foamer01

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    Thank you guys very much for excellent ideas, information, and web links. It is very much appreciated. I will keep the board posted on progress. It will be a while as I am just in the planning stages. Thanks again

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