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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by green_elite_cab, Oct 14, 2006.

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    Wow this is one viewed thread! 9,070 views!
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    Hey G.E.C., I read in MR that they will have an upcoming article on repowering a brass loco. Just a heads up in case you're interested.
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    Thank you very much! i'm not quite out of the woods yet, i still need some signatures (and i don't have much time to get them, i turn 18 on Tuesday:eek:. I learned why its bad to procrastinate... when i was young, i didn't advance much. wall1

    yeah, this thread is fairly ancient. I just keep it going. People don't comment so much, but then again, most of my posts revolve around the locomotives i collect, and not so much the layout itself. I haven't posted to many pictures either, better get back on that!

    Cool! I'll have to see how it works. I really wish i could get more E44 frames though, since that would be the hard part of making copies.
  4. green_elite_cab

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    Gotta love the lighting!

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    I don't know if you are joking about the lighting being to bright, but I see it as your Amtrak waiting in the hole for an oncoming train with a bright headlight all during the darkest part of the night. For my view, I think it's great!:thumb:
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    Yeah, it was real sunlight. I was more referring to it going into the sunset, but still. It looks real nice. It really brings out the strobe lights to, which are usually hard to see.
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    Pity you didn't have the catinary wire up, it would've looked even better, not that there's anything wrong with your shot.

    Btw, some of my favourite shots are of trains in the "dark" hours!!
  8. green_elite_cab

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    well, right behind it the catenary is semi up, lol. However, right there i need to add some track wiring, so i am holding off for now.
  9. MadHatter

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    None the less, still a great shot!
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    ya....great stuff guys...keep up the hard work
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    I meant about 3' longer than a C32-8, or the same length as a C40-8. GE Locomotive Lengths
  12. green_elite_cab

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    Thats awesome! thanks!
  13. TruckLover

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    WOWOWOWOW G.E.C. that last pic looks AWESOME man. Love it :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  14. green_elite_cab

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    Thanks! I wish i had more new stuff to post. I suppose i can start showing off my christmas layout now. My 18th birthday past two weeks ago, but I didn't get any trains. However, I did buy some new Lionel Fast Track for my Lionele set, which is a great thing. on the old 0-27 track, if you went at any real speed, the locomotive would fly off the curves. Now i can push my train to unrealistic speeds. Why?

    The smoke machine on that thing works best at higher power, so now i can really smoke up my christmas tree. the fast track has O-36 Curves, so it works out nicely. It also looks better than the tubular stuff.

    Speaking of track improvements, my Bachman EZ track that i use for the tree train got some fixing. I'm still working out some literal kinks (one joint keeps catching on the pilot of my diesel locomotives), but i've got the majority of it rolling. The most annoying thing was a bachman #6 crossover i have ( i run a double main in HO). It would short whenever a train hit the frog. I was told by bachmann to return it, but i didn't, since i figured i could find the source of the problem (also, it was out of the packaging and stuff by then). Apperently, the frog was incorrectlyt installed, and it butted up against the next set of rails.


    1. never ever lean your chin on the track while laying on it (also, laying on your track might not be a good thing in the first place either, though no harm came from that. Hey, I had to get under the tree!). Normally, the DCC system can't electrocute you.


    Apperently, stubble and chin skin conducts. Don't worry, it wasn't nearly as bad as putting your hand on the Lionel sets's active tracks.... never touch both the inner rail and either out rail.

    2. Have you ever had problems with a ready made switch like this? A good solution is to take a dull knife blade, and a small hammer, and line it up where the rail is stuck together. To shift the rail, just hit the top of the blade, hammering the blade into the the gap, seperating it. It should shift everything to the side just a tiny bit, and you won't have to get a new switch.

    3. are your switches taking your trains off the right track? try using a small flat head file. first bevel the end top to bottom, then bevel it from the end to the mid section somewhere, then shave the corner off the point so that the wheel flanges slide down it instead of climbing it. Problem solved

    So all in all, today was a good day for me in the train department.

    I'll try to get pictures soon.
  15. green_elite_cab

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    Well, it looks like its time for another update!

    I recieved an HO kit of the CNJ caboose i built for my Eagle Project. I'm also waiting for the parts to build a RPP C32-8.

    Yeah, it was short, but i don't have any pictures just yet, lol.
  16. Hey GEC, your first pix have gone the way of the Red X. You should re-upload them so all the new ppl can see them.
  17. green_elite_cab

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    yeah, i uploaded these before the site changed over to zealot, so they are all gone. Most of them are so old though that its not worth posting them again. I'd rather retake the shots since many of the models have been improved since then and also, I can take pictuers better these days. I'll find some good pictures to replace them with.

    Also, because i spend to much money, i have a genesis sound equipped SD45-2 coming in, and i'll be saving for an Atlas Gold C40-8W. I'm tired of installing my own decoders. Besides, getting the sound equipped locomotives at a good price beats having to buy a loksound or other brand decoder to install in these engines anyway.
  18. green_elite_cab

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    Here is some of my CNJ caboose progress. I still need to build the underside (in these photos, the main support beem is sitting on the wheelset axles. atleast it looks nearly finished!) but i'm debating with myself how i'd accompish that.



  19. green_elite_cab

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    Well, i just joined a model railroad club, and so i got to run my U34CH and cab car on their layout with some SEPTA coaches that belonged to another member, it was fun! My layout is alright, but my locomotives really looked in their setting on the club's layout. You should see the passenger terminal!

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