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  1. YuG

    YuG Member

    Thanks folks.
    I heard that American people are kind. Now I realize you are the kindest people I have ever met since I was born.

    Discoloring of the sections I made long time ago were significant and they were obviously different from newly built section. So, I came up with the silly idea of painting it with diluted water color sneakingly so that no body would be aware of it but it was huge mistake, fiasco. After painting water color, surface of the card becomes not smooth.
    Today I went out to take picture of the model outside for the purpose of testing under what lighting my fiasco does not stand out.

    BTW after taking pictures I was aware one small boat was missing. Not only boats but also some of structures I have not glued for the future workability. I thought it must have dropped somewhere on the paving. Boat was so tiny that I was not able to find it out easily. Finally I had to crawl around and about 30 minutes later I found it out then picked up. When I stood up, I caught the eye of neighbor's wife. Obviously she was trying to keep a straight face and asked me "Found out?" and I replied "Yes" then she burst out into laughing:cry:
  2. YuG

    YuG Member

    For the first time I bought photo etched handrails and knew it is far better than thread railings that I once made.


  3. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    My greatest congratulations for your outstanding work, Yu.

    Admiring your model gives me energy to keep on building my models.

    Thank you for sharing!
  4. RTomedi

    RTomedi Member

    After the funny episode with the lost items sign1 we see that you managed to continue this grate building.
    The ship is getting very beautiful and the detailing level continuous to stuns me.
    Keep the excellent work there Yu.

  5. rmks2000

    rmks2000 Member

    Incredible work! I have difficulty at 1:250 scale. I did not think that such detail could be achieved at 1:430!
  6. YuG

    YuG Member

    Thank you guys for your kind words.
    Today I made only two machine guns. After making them I was tired so as refleshment I went out for taking picture.

    To make it easy to fold paper cut out back side of folding line and each edge where glued to other edges so that cut lines are less visible and not necessary to paint edges.
  7. paperbeam

    paperbeam Member

    Exquisite workmanship Yu!jawdrop

    What you've been able to do with all those small parts is a great inspiration....


    N and Z scale Old West paper models (free samples) at: paperbeam - virtual paper models
  8. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    That is truly amazing! Stunning detail work!
    Some of those parts are no bigger than the letters on that coin!

    You never cease to amaze me Yu!

  9. Chas

    Chas New Member

    A truly beautiful build Yu... wonderful workmanship.
  10. RTomedi

    RTomedi Member

    I´m out of words.....:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    Yu must have done a lot of small buildings to achieve this level of detail.....
    It´s just outstanding. jawdropjawdropjawdropjawdropjawdropjawdropjawdrop

  11. YuG

    YuG Member

    Hi everybody, thank you very much for your kind words
    I have been making small parts and now I am absorbed in taking pics with different lighting though I need more practice



  12. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    1:400 ?? incredible................

    Hi Yu,

    nice to meet you here.............congrats to this build!! Great work.......!!:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:

    best regards FLU (Frank Unger, Germany)
  13. YuG

    YuG Member

    Thank you Frank.
    How nice to meet kind papa of three girls here:mrgreen:
  14. fluthecrank

    fluthecrank Member

    Hi Yu.................

    I´Think you have an impressive memory........just like an elephant.....:thumb:

    But if I remember too, when do you visit Frankfurt? Perhaps we could have an coffee together............

  15. YuG

    YuG Member


    Hi Frank,

    Of course I never forget it. Now we are taking part in bidding teaming up with German company. If we get the project I will fly there and have coffee with you.
    I have made rear mast rigging and derrick for boats.

    Material I used are electric wire of 0.05mm dia., styrene round bar of 0.6mm and 1.5mm dia for sheeves and paper for derrick and mast.

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  16. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Hi YUG ... just a superb clean and sharp build. For railings ... why not make them from thin wire.


    Just cut strips of thin card and glue them on a sheet of paper to make a jig. Then take some very thin wire. Place it between the jig's card strips and tack it with a tiny bit of solder. Make sure to build the jig slightly larger than your need so that you can fasten in place the very ends. Cut off the excess and your done.

    Should be better than laser rails.

    Another idea would be to buy some door/window screen mesh and cut it to size. I'm not 100% on that method though.
  17. YuG

    YuG Member

    Ohhh!!! Wooow!!!
    I will try it, I will try it, I will try iiiiiiiiit!!!
    Thanks a lot Steve0. Appreciate.:thumb::band1:
  18. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Yu, there's no way you are going to make this whole thing out of paper.........
    --But you have! Awesone build there!!

  19. YuG

    YuG Member

    This time photo etched railings from Polish manufacturer ABER was so fine that I used it instead of making it myself. After practicing soldering I am going to try.

    Thank you for your encouraging words.
    I think just making paper model requires techniques that can be obtained by practice but the artistic talent to design figurines like you do needs inherent ability.
    I really want to design an airplane with figure but I give up before trying since I know I cannot....

    Made railings and search light around the funnel and railings and stairs of port side

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  20. YuG

    YuG Member

    Recommenced Fuso building.
    Tonight made a cutter and oars then glued the cutter on deck

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