Fuselage Without Formers

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by JRSeese, Jun 20, 2004.

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    Against my better judgment, I have emerged from my comfort zone of building nice square buildings and am attempting an airplane. Oh, soooo many curves... *shudder*

    I actually played around with a downloaded helicopter kit a while back that had joining strips and formers, it was a Zarkov I believe. That was actually pretty easy - never finished, gave to my son to smash.

    However, now I am attempting a Fiddler's Green plane - the Stuka that was offered for free not long ago - that has no formers. I know it's not meant to be circular. Any tips on ensuring that your fuselage is the correct curvature? I've formed it as close to the illustration as I can, I think, but I'm not sure I am doing this right.

  2. JRSeese

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    Well, I think I figured out one thing at least - it works better to roll and glue each fuselage section, and THEN glue it to the previous section. In other words, have two complete cylinders that you then join.

    I was trying to "wrap" the piece around the existing fuselage (am I explaining that well?)

    So it's turning out a little better, but would still welcome any tips.

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    Josh, from the other thread;

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    I've found that your second method, forming two cylindrical sections and gluing them together, works best for me on the FG models. I also use a thicker paper than recommended (110 lb / 200g/m^2) since that seems to hold whatever shape I'm forming the fuselage into better. I'm usually able to coax the section into a reasonable shape even though there aren't any formers. You might try using a fairly large diameter rod (1/2" or 13mm), like the medium size X-Acto blade handle, to roll the radii of the fuselage sections.


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