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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by spitfire, Jan 25, 2003.

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    I like Tyson's version of the yard. The thing I see as an operating problem is the industry at the top end of your yard. You will need to run around your cars using the main and one of your yard tracks. I think if you put the small run around up by your lead track, it would make working your industry much easier. In Sparks we have a lead track and a track just for that purpose. It shouldn't eat too much space but make switching much easier.

    Greg Elems
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    I'll post one later today, I'm at school now and don't have the gear available to scan in my sketch.
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    Here's a sketch of my yard mods. Basically just mirroring the yard to the opposite side of the "main" track. Track 1 is used for storage and a lead to the engine terminal, Tracks 2 & 3 (more could be added if required for your operation plan) are classification tracks, and Tracks 4 & 5 are the arrival/ departure yard. The yard lead reconnects at the end away from the yard so it could double as a passing siding or second arrival track if congenstion warrants its use as such. There is also a sperate switching lead for all the industries in town to 1) keep the access to them out of the yard ladder and 2) to provide the yard switcher a sense of going somewhere when it switches them.

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    Brian, thanks a lot for the plan. I will see if I can incorporate it into my track plan without disrupting the rest of the mainline too much. Also, thanks for the explanation of what the various tracks are. This will be great!

    :D Val
  5. Ralph

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    Hi Val, Tyson drew pretty much what I had in mind. One long siding in the yard should be enough to let you operate with interest. I can see the merit of flipping the yard like Brian suggested but I do hope you keep that appliance factory. Kings Port Steel is undergoing expansion in anticipation of increased customer demand. :)
  6. spitfire

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    Ralph, on the contrary, when Inglis Appliance's neighbour Massey Ferguson (farm machinery) got wind of the deal that was struck with King's Port Steel, they too were anxious to place an order. Rail service has been slow coming to the area, forcing the 2 companies to deal with a local supplier whose prices keep rising. Fortunately plans are solidifying with respect to the promised rail service and we hope to have an announcement very soon.

    :D Val
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    I was just looking at this thread again and while the point has been made in referance to the industrial side, the staging yard side is also drawn too optimistically. The length of 12' with 28" curves at each end make the straight section between 7'. As someone pointed out, each turnout takes 1'. I drew up a quick plan for getting 4 4' thru sidings and a 7 or 8 foot thru siding as well. It requires several curved turnouts. Two for the long siding and two for a crossover at the top to let the three "outside" tracks access the continuous portion of the layout. I know some people don't like curved turnouts, I have several Shinoharas that work well. Tyson mentioned problems, were they N or HO? Anyway, to get much of anything capacity wise they seem needed.

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    The design book I'm reading says to avoid these "S" curve situations (circled) unless you have at least a full car's length in the straight between curves.

    The book would suggest switching to a left turn out and pushing it back into the corner further.

    Would this area be a problem or does it matter much on the entrance to the yard?

    (the old practice vs. theory thing again)

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  9. spitfire

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    Hi Rusted

    Thanks for the feedback - you're right about those S-curves. In the meanwhile I've decided not to try to combine switching and classification and have moved the classification yard to the other side of the layout.
    This is a link to the new track plan for the switching yard.

    :D Val

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