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    A US Paratrooper, a British soldier and a French legionnaire are captured by cannibals. They put up a grand fight, but there were just too many and they were overwhelmed.

    The cannibal chief says that they will be eaten, and their skins used to cover the tribe's canoes, but since they had proven themselves to be truly awesome fighting men, as a sign of respect they would be allowed to kill themselves, rather than the usual practice of being tortured to death.

    The three were presented with a selection of implements with which to do themselves in.

    The French legionnaire selected a knife, shouted, "Viva la France!" and cut his own throat.

    The British soldier chose a pistol, shouted, "God save the Queen!" and shot himself in the head.

    The Paratrooper picked up a big fork, and started stabbing himself in the chest while shouting, "Screw you and your canoe!!"
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