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    Just a funny tidbit that I thought Id share. As some of you may have read in some of my earlier posts, I ordered two DH123 digitrax decoders about a week before Thanksgiving. I waited and waited and waited, and they finally came in a few days before X-mas (thankgoodness they did not get delayed by christmas anymore than they already had been). When I went to pick the two decoders up, there was a DH123 and a DH163 which was $10 more, not alot but............., I bought them both and went home happy to have something. Well I got a call from them this evening letting me know my decoders have arrived.

    My first reaction was a :confused:
    Followed by a :eek:
    And then another :confused:

    When they told me the item number, it was WAY DIFFERENT than what i had ordered. I found this to be very funny and strange, and thought I might share it, hopefully you can get a good laugh from it and maybe post your own experience.

    But oh well, I do need some more:rolleyes:
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    Just for laughs, I ordered some N scale stuff by phone from a dealer in NJ that included a package of cork roadbed. The order came and there was HO roadbed. It was their mistake, they typed the wrong part number in the order. They said they would either send me the right cork, charge me for it, then give me credit when they got the return, or I could wait and they'd replace it after the wrong stuff arrived there. I opted to have them replace it and give me credit later. They complied and I got N scale roadbed a few days later, I was billed for the roadbed but not shipping. I sent the HO back and guess what, a few weeks later, in comes the replacement order along with a credit for the difference plus the cost of my shipping it back.:eek: I didn't have the heart to tell them that they screwed up again since they were so good about accepting responsibility and paying all the shipping costs.

    The point being, that anyone can screw up, it's nice that they take responsibility when they do, even if they overdo it at times..:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    TrainNut has agreed to take the excess roadbed off my hands...:thumb: :thumb:
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    I once bought a Noch "scenery product" (it was a little lewd, so I won't post pictures of them here, they are for the interior of a building as a humor piece for adult visitors to the layout and will only be lit up via a hidden on/off switch when they visit the layout to get a laugh or two) from a company in Germany (I couldn't get them here in the States). I ordered, sent my money, and three days (?!) later, it shows up here. Weird! I let them know I got it and that the money had already been sent. I get a reply in German. I flunked German in high school. I had a friends German step mom translate it for me. Translation: They had already received my payment last week, why did I send another? Um... I JUST bought it. Ok, no problem, Karen sends them an e-mail in German explaining the situation. I then get another e-mail two days later from them, this time in English, explaining that they were sorry for the mix up (no sweat really). Two days after that, I get another similar item (different, but from the same "series") with a receipt. I have Karen email them back that they had mistakenly sent another item that I didn't order nor pay for, but that I would send payment for that one and just keep it. I immediately get a return email (in German) and they explain that they received my second payment. :confused: Karen explains that I hadn't sent the second payment yet, and they insist that they did and could send a receipt. She again explains that there is a mix-up and I would send another International Money Order to cover the second one they sent me. They apologize and said that that was not necessary that it was their mistake. Case closed right? Nope. A week later, item number three shows up (the third in that "scenic item" series) with a $10.50US store credit.

    I just gave up. :mrgreen:
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    Can you PM me some shots of those Items.
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    Are you talking to CCT70?
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    Last summer I ordered two Kadee PS2 hoppers. One was CNW and the other was Illinois Central. After some delays and hemming and hawing, the vendor said the CNW was not available. OK, says I. Can you substitute another road name (I don't recall what it was). Never heard from them about the change.

    When I checked the order status on line a couple weeks later, sure enough, they had made the requested substitution. I'm thinkin' ok that's fine.

    When the box arrived, guess what was inside? Yep, the CNW hopper. They billed me an additional fifty cents for the substituted road name but I wasn't about to quibble.

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    Boy...!! I wish I had been "victim" to those kind of screw-ups when I ordered something like 15 Peco turnouts....:cry:

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