Functioning hump yards.

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Urloony, Jan 10, 2005.

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    I'm interested in adding a functioning hump yard to my O scale layout. I've read a couple posts on the net about an HO layout that had one using compressed air to control the descent of the cars. I'm curious if any of you may know of sites with more info or have one yourself.
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    The problem with hump yards is modeling working retarders to control the speed of the cars. I model in ho, and I wouldn't want to attempt to model a working retarder in such a small scale. O might be big enough to do it in though. I don't browse the O/G scale board much since I don't model anything that big, but you might get more usable answers if you post this question there.
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    The hump yard with compressed air was by Ed Ravenscroft, IIRC. He was a known name in modelling in the 60s. Check the Model railroader article index.
    Best I remember was that the compressed air blew at an angle up the grade. He set it to a fixed length blow because that gave full retarding to the fast cars down to none for the really draggy ones.
    This is a project for a real tinkerer.
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