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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by msh, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. msh

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    Hi Gang.

    We're headed out for some family time today, but while I'm gone I hope I can get some guidance on getting a pair of crossbucks (I think that's what they're called), each displaying the "2 Tracks" under the lights since that's what we've got between them, integrated flashers to control the lights and detection to automatically start and stop them for approaching and leaving trains. I don't want the crossing gates - layout's too small for that and that would be too expensive.

    I'll be checking in later!
    Have fun!
  2. tomfassett

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    I could get you a real one if you'd be willing to bail me out of jail if I get caught!...:p

    I don't know where to get one off hand (and I'm just too lazy to look it up), but this does bring up a related question. How do the detection circuits work with DCC? I just broke down and got DCC for the layout and most of my old detection stuff senses the resistance drop on the block near the signal (yeah, I know, it's antique but it has worked since the mid 1980s...):D I assume there is a new system for use with DCC. What is it? Where do I get it? How does it work? What is the meaning of it all? Will Monica forgive Jessica for having Brad's baby (which is secretly Cliff's baby) or return to the convent where she was thrown out for running a cat smuggling ring...?
    Sorry, I was sick a few weeks ago and watched some daytime TV. I still haven't recovered (from the TV...):p

    Tom F
  3. moss-lake

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    You're a worry Tom.

    Digitrax make a detection add-on I think, otherwise any optical type detection circuit will work. Some of the stores that specialise in DCC make devices (Loy's Toys, Tony's Train Xchange, etc) and might be worth looking at.
  4. boppa

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    several methods spring to mind-reed switches mounted under track(motor magnts operate-if the magnets in loco dont close them-move a permanent magnet used in house alarms closer /further away to adjust trigger point

    opto-use ir leds and detecters so that annoying `beam o light' isnt visible

    hall effect devices-like used in car ignition systems- great for detecting not a magnetic field-but a CHANGING magnetic field

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