Full scale world war 2 machine gun (paper model)

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    i always want a ww2 machine gun on hand (a model, not a real one), but since its 900 dollars US, its too damn expensive

    I wonder if there is a full scale model for thompson submachine gun, MP-44, MG-42, MP-40? Thanks in advance.

    I look all over googles for hours, i still failed to find any free/paid model.
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    yeah, i did. Too bad there is no ww2 gun in there

    As for the alien guns, cool find. I might try that some day, even it is 30 pages. Thanks again
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    these are not paper but the kits are affordable (MG42 $60.00 USD). it is unlikely they will ship them outside the U.S... for what i need them for, they are still a bit high in cost so i build mine from plywood and PVC. relatively realistic "ersatz" weapons can be made this way. you can also often find rifle stocks on e-bay.

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    A British Sten Mk2 would be easy to do. I have some CAD drawings, but don't know if anyone would be interested in doing one.

    The German P38 paper pistol kit could the basis for a paper reproduction of the "Man from U.N.C.L.E." gun. It was all black with a telescopic sight, a screw-on extended rifle-type barrel, a pipe metal stock, and a 12 or 14" clip sticking out of the bottom. I had a toy one as a kid. It would come apart into different components. The character would keep the pieces in a briefcase if I remember correctly.
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