Full scale 1969 Mustang...in PAPER

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    The ultimate paper model. I don't know if any other paper model has ever come close to the scale, realism, or detail that this one has.

    Now, if only he can get it to run!
  3. The engine and the seats look pretty impressive, though I think you'd ruin the seats if you sat on them. That video is 3 1/2 years old, so I did some searching to see how it came out. Oddly, I couldn't find a photo of the finished car. I did find some shots of the body sitting jack stands. On his website, Jonathan says he sold the car to buy an engagement ring, so I guess he finished it. Even the engine alone is one of the most impressive paper projects I've ever seen, though. He even made the spark plugs separately. I hope this inspires more full scale paper builders. Here's some links to more pics and info:
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    Actually, it's his dad's and his original metal car that he sold for the engagement ring. Not the paper one. He's doing this paper project as a homage to that car.

    Very interesting project. I hope he finishes it.
  5. Ah, I guess I misunderstood the article. That might explain why we haven't seen it completed. He must still be working on it and it will take years to do. That I can believe.
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    Well, now I have a goal in life.

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