FT17 in Afghanistan

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    Interesting story. Thanks.
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    Good reading.

    I'd LOVE to be a part of something like that. For me seeing that no stock parts for a resto would not be a burden but a welcome challenge as long as you have a base from which to work. The teardown and photo of any and all pieces would be the start but the fact that we have 5 point digital cutters whick can machine a piece of metal from all angles and precision of cad, you can create what you dont have as long as you have a reference from which to go on.

    Has anyone seen the 4 episodes of Tank Overhaul? It's an AMAZING show where they tank a tank and restore it to full working condition. For some reason there were only 4 episodes made and I am not sure if it was because it was deemed unsuccessful (like all good tv shows taken off the air), the fact that a tank restoration is not an easy 'pimp my ride' episode taking months to years of work and large equipment, or the costs of restoration of a tank and availability of subjects to restore.

    The 4 episodes are.

    The Comet

    Tank Overhaul
    The Panther

    Tank Overhaul
    The Sherman

    Tank Overhaul
    The Hellcat

    If anymore comes up on the FT17 ... please post it. If I see anything more I will post it as well.

    Amazing. :D
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    Photo's of the tanks

    I found some photo's of the tanks in Afghanistan.
    The first one was a Gate Guard at the Afghan Army's Division No 637

    This may be one of the tanks in the junk yard.

    This is definitely in the junk yard.

    And this is a Soviet soldier posing for a picture during the Soviet Afghan war of 1980.

    It is speculated that the tanks were captured from the British Expeditionary Force in the Anglo-Afghan War of 1919. That's all I could find. John
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    thats a ruskij reno ft-17....
    i think the russians brought them to afgahnistan...
    well they are not so rare,in norway are two ft´s standing on the coast and still rusting away....
    im actually building a cardmodel ft-17
    here is a good reference,he collected all pictures from the surviving ft´s.
    (the known ones of course!)
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    Is it really an FT-17? The front idler is a welded construction - French built FT-17s had a wooden idler - the US 6-ton tank (FT-17 built in the US) had a welded construction idler like the images.

    I think the Russian FT-17s would be long gone by the time the Russians were interested in Afganistan - there were only relatively small numbers of the Russian FT-17 built (or rebuilt) from vehicles captured and abandoned in the Civil War.


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    Thanks Peter, didn't know there were that many still around. John
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    i love this tank.i did a lot of research about it,because i want to build my model as accourate as possible,but its very hard,because many of them have been exported to foreign countries,and its almost impossible to identifie some af them exactly because they mixed the materials alot.
    the only thing is the turret which helps a little.
    riveted turret is renault ft-17, the other one is ruskij reno.(but even professionals are not 100% sure about this...)
    anyway,its a nice little tank!
    and i think some of them are still waiting on their discovery..... in france must be alot of them under streets,because after the war the ft-17 was often used as a hole filler...
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    Peter what scale are you building? I am at the present time building one in 1/76. Nothing special, just as it comes. John
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    Under construction

    Peter, thanks for the pictures. Looking good. That's gonna be a big one.

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