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  1. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    Does anyone have a copy of McCulloch's FREE FT-17 WW I tank you could post me? tlong@clnk.com

  2. ramatoto

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    i think he has removed the models, because they are on sale at http://www.hobbyfactory.com/. Click there on digital models, and then select "Waynes Models", there you can find all of them, and in better resolution as on the Web-site.

  3. charliec

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    There was a message from Wayne McCulloch that he has a new website and will rotate his lo-res models through the new site. Now if my memory would work for a change so I could remember where I saw his post....

    I'm sure I've got his FT-17 models somewhere ....

    Later edit - http://www.hal-pc.org/~mccullou/cards/ppzhome.htm is the new URL.


  4. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    Re Ft 17

    Thanks, Guys,
    These are exactly the ones I'm looking for. Res doesn't matter as I repaint them anyway. I'll keep looking at the site 'til the FT 17 comes up.


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