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Discussion in 'Software' started by wunwinglow, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Abacus publications have just launched version 3 of Louis Sinclairs Flight Sim Design Studio, which is a CAD program aimed at making visual models for Flight Simulators, particularly Microsofts family. However, it is a great modeller for any subject. I don't know how easy it is to get the data out into a transportable form, but for version 2 you could create dxf files using a plug-in. I'll check out if this still works in version 3.

    Major tool improvement is a bollean operations for meshes, and the upgrade will be worth it for this function alone!
    go to http://www.abacuspub.com/default.html and follow the news link, purple box top right corner.

    Tim P
  2. Willja67

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    Would you say that this is something to have in addition to rhino? It seems from your post that you at least have version 2 but do you use it?
  3. wunwinglow

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    No, if you have Rhino, you don't need FSDS, for general purpose modelmaking. If you want to put your creations into a virtual atmosphere, ie Microsoft FS2004, then yes, FSDS is a great way to go. If you can't afford Rhino, and there is a way of getting data out of FSDS and into Pepekura (and there certainly is with FSDS v2) then this might be an economical way to do it.

    Horses for courses, in other words. I might upgrade to v3 as I do already have v2, ($29, which won't break the bank) but I'll wait 'til after Christmas is done and dusted! Oh, my poor VISA card.....

    Tim P

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