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  1. Kanawha

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    I recently purchased a Broadway Limited Imports Heavy Mikado for use on my layout. I waited for a long time to get it.

    I operate with normal DC control and followed the instructions for use in the provided manual. The locomotive did not operate when I applied power, it merely drew a great deal of current for about three seconds, made a humming noise, then shorted out my power supply. I read that the locomotive would automatically detect that it was in DC mode and operate accordingly. My other locomotives operate fine, my track is clean, so I don't think my track or power supply is to blame. :confused:

    What am I doing wrong? Help please! wall1
  2. CRed

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    I've used a few BLI engines on DC and have had no problems so it sounds like you received a lemon to me.I used them with a Quantum Engineer,I have to say it's very cool!

  3. Kanawha

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    I can get the loco to start up, the light turns on, the sound starts, I can get the whistle to blow, but the second it starts moving forward it overloads my power pack. :confused:
  4. Kanawha

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    Okay! So I figured it out. Future reference when you buy a steam loco with tender electrical pickups. Make sure the morons at the factory havent installed an insulated wheelset backwards! The polarities were conflicting, I'm just lucky it didnt fry any circuits. haha
  5. Smoke

    Smoke SOU is for you!!

    Now that is funny.[​IMG] I don't have to worry about that since i'm a diesel guy.


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