Frustrated with Peco Switch Machine

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by bobbyspfan, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. bobbyspfan

    bobbyspfan New Member

    I have an HO Peco switch machine that i am installing an under-table Peco PL-10 switch motor and regardless what i do, it will not throw the points. I've tried using the extension pin and also mounting directly to the switch. I'm using a Capacitor Discharge Unit with a 16VAC transformer. The frustrating thing is that i've done similar turnouts and not had this kind of issue. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. TCH

    TCH Member

    does it work without being attached to the points ?

    if it does perhaps you need larger wire from the CD unit to the points.
    if it doesn`t then the motor is not right. are the wires attached properly ?

    is the point free in operation ? if not, why not ?

    just a few things to look for
  3. bobbyspfan

    bobbyspfan New Member

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    It works when not attached to the points but i noticed when i sometimes press the mometary contact button, the switch machine doesn't hold the pin against the coil for the direction selected and just slips back. I'm thinking perhaps the CDU needs to be closer to where i have a terminal strip that connects one side of the momentary switch (the other side goes to the switch machine). Also a larger guage wire (i was using 20 ga. but it ran for about 6 ft.) might help.

    Have you noticed any differences in the spring tension in Peco switches? Maybe i should also change the switch.
  4. TCH

    TCH Member

    the switch machine will not stay in the same position unless it is attached to the points. the spring in the points will then hold the points in the thrown position.

    the spring tension can be changed by moving the part that holds the spring either closer or further apart from the throw bar.
    you will see the part held in position by 2 metal tags which can be opened with a small screwdriver or something similar and the part then moved forward or back.

    hope you can understand my ramblings. if not I will try to photograph a turnout to show you what I mean.
    from your last post I would think the problem is either the spring tension is too much or the wiring is too small.

    lets know how you get on
  5. bobbyspfan

    bobbyspfan New Member

    Thanks Trevor. I have build another CDU and moved it within 2 feet of the terminal strip. I also used 16 ga stranded wire from the CDU to the input. This weekend i will try to adjust the spring (i'm pretty clear on your "ramblings") and then try again. I will let you know how things "turnout" (pun intended).
  6. bobbyspfan

    bobbyspfan New Member

    Finally got back to looking at this and adjusted the spring. I also moved the CDU closer and went for a switch machine with the extender pin. All is working fine now; thanks for your help.
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    How did this get here?
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    hickstmj is presumably referring to a bit of spam that got posted in the thread. Its gone now but this might be a good opportunity to remind members that best way to handle a bad post like spam is to click on the red and white triangle icon in the lower left side of the post window. that alerts the staff of a problem and we can take care of it.

    Many thanks!

    Back to the Peco switch thread!
  9. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Peco make several varieties of switch machine/point motor. One comes with an extended pin; another has a bit of tube and some extra wire (not sure if it still comes like that). When I add the extra bit, I squeeze the tube shut with pliers holding the pliers along the line of track so that it doesn't wiggle sideways as much.
    Also watch cutting the extra wire off; that stuff is hard on wire cutters and track cutters. It's also a problem if it sticks up and hits the gear boxes on trucks.

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