Frozen Lake Drift!

Discussion in 'VIDEOS' started by adventure girl, Mar 15, 2016.

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    In the promotion of fun, myself and my girl took a quick burn out of town to this seriously sketchy frozen lake. Folks were walking all over it when it was plus 15c out!! Well we stuck to the safety of the shore to get these shots and got the heck outta there. We had a try at flying the drone but it just flew off with the wind.
    We chased it down grabbed some truck shots and left. I was happy when this clip was done, to me it shows how creation can change your prospective on anything, in this case I didn't feel we had enough footage for a shot but the end result turned out pretty good :)

    Thanks for watching friends, keep up that fun in life and as always until next time...

    New drone footage next video!
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    It still looks like you had a good time! I enjoy watching your videos!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!
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  3. adventure girl

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    Thanks for the support! Looking forward to more drone fun!

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