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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by blaar, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. blaar

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    Well, finally I found a way to extract the models from Front Mission Evolved. They are a bit on the high poly side but most of the faces are flat so it shouldn't be to hard cleaning of the mesh, there will be a lot of parts but hey, at least it will look good when done.

    I also have most of the weapons but I plan on trying my hand at the Wanzers first, going for a big scale, perhaps 30 - 40 cm tall :)

    Anyhow, as soon as I have some spare time I will start, I first have some more Star Wars stuff and mechs and .. aaaarghhhh, to much to do in to little time.

    Are there any Wanzer you guys would like to see.

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    I'm impressed with your ripping ability....
  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    That really is awesome! There is much to be said being able to extract these.
  4. Millenniumfalsehood

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    Now *that's* a great-looking mech!
  5. MTK

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    Interesting, is that from an .skp file? I've got a copy of Lightwave 10, a copy of Rhino and couple of other modeling programs coming my way very soon, so I should be able to do a lot more than I was able to do, so I'm thinking I should be able to work with the .dae files a bit better. I found a working copy of the full version of Meta on an old HD, some I'm very happy!

    Can't wait to see this done.

  6. Kjev

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    Cool. I know zilch about the game, but I can recognize a good-looking 'mech when I see one.
  7. Vortex_4200

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    I second that!! :thumb:
  8. Psyscape

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    Front Mission 4 - BlizzaiL and Zenith are available at various blogs and sites on the net if anybody is interested.

    Blizzai and Zenith can be downloaded from Blizzai and Zenith with instructions and optional weapons. Download links for these mechs are to the Square Enix website, it's just a tad easier to grab them this way without ploughing through a great deal of information to find them. As far as I am aware Square Enix do know that various blogs have linked the mechs.

    The Numsekar from Front Mission 5 is available from Square Enix also Numsekar Download

    Apologies if this is already known, I realise I'm necro-posting on a thread several months old.

    I've made these three mechs and they are relatively simple to put together with a bit of patience, look pretty good and stand about 20 cm tall
  9. Zathros

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    This is more of an update than a Necropost, and this is actually a very good thing. Thanks!! :)

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