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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by bazookie, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. bazookie

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    hey guys... if u have read some of my other threads, u'd know that i have had trouble finding and buying card stock in australia.... i finally found something that works for me in a shop called dymocks (it is a book shop but in sydney, there is a shop that just sells stationary). I found some stuff called "parchment" by techno papers... it comes in a variety of colours, patterns and weights. In some of my other threads, people recommended i get 160 gsm card as it works for most models. the closest i can fidn to this is 175 gsm. this is my first model that i have made in card as my other models have just been using bond paper. it is not finished yet, i still have to make the legs and his weapons....

  2. doc_harvey

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    lookin good!
  3. modelnutz7

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    Zenith robot

    hi Bazooki

    Your model looks great. I live in Scotland UK and I've found it a nightmare to get hold of any decent quality card stock, let alone the right gsm.

    Just now I'm using Mondo made in Austria but I'm still looking for something better.


  4. barry

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    Have you tried Viking Online they do good card in several weights by mail order
  5. bazookie

    bazookie Member

    how much is a pack of 160 gsm? also how much wouild they charge for shipping to australia? i don't want to pay heaps just for a ream of friggen paper. the pack of card that i got comes in packs of 25, a4 size... it is 12 bucks for this pack... it's a ripoff =[
  6. plasticman

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    Hey, modelnutz. I live in Edinburgh and have no problem getting heavy paper.
    Anything up to 200grm weight.
    Try Stationery Box or Cartridge World, (if they are anywhere near you).
    Thats where I get my stuff. 200grm weight paper in Cartridge World is £6.99 for 250 sheets, 160 grm is £5.99 for 250.
  7. ShaunGamer

    ShaunGamer Member

    For all you Aussies you can try Corporate Express. They have stores at all major cities and have a huge range of papers in stock or available for Order.
    They also have an online store although I haven't used it.
    Unfortunately they require a $50.00 minimum purchase for non account customers.
  8. Grizz

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    Hi guys,

    I recently bought a pack of 100 200gsm sheets by Tablex from Office Works for $10.95. I'm not experienced enough to make judgments on the quality of the card but the price is right. Office Works also has their own brand of 100 200gsm packs for under $10 but the colour seems yellowish.

  9. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    the models looking bazookie keep up the good work. that was also my first model as well as its easy to do for semi beginers. enjoy the hobby
  10. bazookie

    bazookie Member

    hi guys... thanks for the replys... i will try find corporate express next time im out. grizz, i looked in officeworks and they had some card but 200gsm is too heavy for me. i want stuff thinner... the card i used now is good but it's too expensive... i dun wanna pay 5-8 bucks per model + pages for mistakes, extra prints etc...

    here is the model 95% completed... all i have to do now is make the "backpack" (don't know exactly what it is but the page is labelled backpack) and his weapons.... for those that have made this model, how do u guys get it to stand up? i can make the model stand up but the feet aren't flat on the ground and he kinda leans forward (which i hop[e will be fixed when i put his backpack on)... i was thinking i might make a base for him and glue his feet flat on the base... what are your thoughts?

    edit: i'll upload pics later... imageshack seems to not be working!!!
  11. rickstef

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    a base is probably best, i have read where there are some balance issues with the Zenith

    the BlizziaL which is in my picasaweb album stands freely, but then the model is a bit more chucky than the Zenith

  12. I'd go with a base, bazookie. I mount just about all of my cardmodels unless there is something to be seen from the underside. Most of mine are made of mat board (the heavy stuff used as a decorative border around framed prints) since I like to stick with paper whenever possible. It sounds like your Zenith will be "tippy" so it's a doubly good idea - don't want the thing falling off a shelf onto the floor. You can google for a Front Mission logo to add to the display base. I think a base really finishes a model. Good luck
  13. rlc321

    rlc321 Gundam designer wannabe

    hi i used some small brass nuts glued to the bottom og the feet to get it to stand up, but a base is good aswell.
  14. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    I used some pennies super glued into a roll taped on the underside of the feet, this worked untill I made the jet pack add on and so of course the thing did the old shelf - floor backward swan dive. Where it perished by wrath of dog... the moral of this tale? Make a base, saves the heartache. And the dog >(
  15. xyberz

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    Can't you just glue some heavy weights inside the feet to keep the models balanced? I'm figuring maybe some steel hardware parts or something?

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